Gretar Steinsson

Gretar Steinsson

Technical Director

Sport Careers helped Gretar Steinnson achieve his stated goal- becoming a Technical Director. Our team designed Gretar a CV as well as a detailed brochure explaining his suitably for the role, both of which Gretar used when successfully applying for the

  • Wanted to work as technical director after his playing career finished
  • Our team build together a CV and extensive document outlining Gretar’s credentials
  • Appoint Technical Director at Fleetwood Town in January 2015

Former Iceland international and Bolton Wanderers player Gru00e9tar Steinsson asked Sport Careers to help him realise his goal of becoming a technical director. Our team created a CV and detailed appendix brochure which Gru00e9tar used to find his current position as technical director at Fleetwood Town FC in January 2015.

I can't say enough about Sport Careers. They were so professional from start to finish and really helped to bring my ideas to life

Gru00e9tar Steinnson- Technical Director, Fleetwood Town FC

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