U13-14 Academy Goalkeeper Coach

Chelsea FC

Cobham, Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Application Deadline Passed

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We are seeking to appoint a U13-14 Academy Goalkeeper Coach.

Job Role Summary

Job TitleU13-14 Academy Goalkeeper Coach
LocationCobham, Surrey, England, United Kingdom, Europe
FunctionCoaching & PerformanceGoalkeeping
Employment TermsPermanent, Part Time
Closing DateClosing date and time for applications passed

Job Role Details

REPORTING TO: U9-16 Goalkeeping coordinator
CONTRACT: 32 hours working across any 7 days


The role of the Academy Goalkeeper Coach is to coach the Goalkeepers in the u13-14 age group programme and deliver the Academy Goalkeeping philosophy effectively to help the Chelsea Academy players reach their full potential both on and off the field. This is achieved by working closely with Head of Academy Goalkeeping, U18 Goalkeeper Coach and Lead U9-16 Goalkeeping co-ordinator. In addition, the role involves providing support to the Part Time Goalkeeper Coaching staff to deliver the Goalkeeping philosophy from u9-16s.



- Plan u13-14 training sessions in advance considering individual player needs, team objectives and physical objectives.

- Consider the social and mental mood of the group within planning.

- Provide support to the part time GK staff across the age groups.

- Manage individual planners based on day release and player availability.

- Assist Match Day coordination and staffing between u9-16 age groups.

- Create 6-week schemes of work designed to cover all parts of the Academy Goalkeeper Philosophy

- Prepare to cover and support hotel stays for day release players if required.

Coaching Programme

- Consider individual needs, team tactical objectives and principles of play, physical intensity, individual needs (IAPs) and the mental state of players as the main priorities of the coaching framework.

- Recognise player talent, potential and style of play as the development priority, while also promoting a winning mentality into our players.

- Promote Club Values both on and off the pitch by implementing a code of high standards and behaviour, ensuring staff always lead by example.

- Prepare thoroughly for team meetings/sessions to ensure optimal delivery and that messages are communicated in a clear and concise way so the team can perform highly organised and motivated.

- Deliver and support day release training including IAP planning.

- Provide support through Match and Training reviews to u16 Goalkeepers.

- Ready to support and cover above all age groups when required.

Coaching Style

- Demonstrate individual personality and style as a coach, working within the Academy Goalkeeping philosophy. Encouraging the Chelsea Goalkeeping Behaviours

- You will be adaptable in your coaching style to meet the many challenges presented and your coaching style should always take into account the mental state of the group and individual players.

- Adopt the 'coaching equaliser' concept which is designed to recognise that adjustments in style and content can be made, dependent on numerous factors including the status of the individual (physically and emotionally) and the environment as well as just coach preference.

- It is essential that all coaching sessions show the relationship between training and the real game, therefore a more 'varied' approach can be useful in accommodating this. The coach must ensure that players train as they would play in terms of physical intensity and output targets.

- Coaches are encouraged to be innovative, embed variety within sessions and 'pick and mix' parts of the Academy syllabus to fit into a particular session.

- Always give careful consideration of the “Why” in each session. Content delivered and feedback given must be closely monitored. Effective reflection is key to ensure all parts of the syllabus are covered over a period of time.

Feedback and Tracking Performance

- Following every match, ensure all players are rated/scored by attending a coaches and management meeting to discuss performance. All information from these meetings should be logged, with notes and actions documented.

- Utilise the Kitman Labs performance system to track individual player progress in the areas of performance, physical and personal. Feedback should be given to players at least every six weeks, with a focus on three achievable IAPs.

- Give Individual feedback, wherever appropriate.

- Foster an open approach to working with trial players and provide honest feedback in the decision-making process, also logged using Kitman Labs.

- Support recruitment department with trips to watch potential signings or trial players, and by writing reports and flagging any opposing players that could be of interest.


- Liaise with the Head of Academy Goalkeeping, U18 Goalkeeping and Lead U9-16 Goalkeeping coordinator regarding specific player progress and day-to-day considerations. This communication should be in detailed form, particularly if through email or text.

- Fulfil both internal and external media responsibilities, as requested by the Communications Department.

- Ensure the safety and wellbeing of players by ensuring they are supported appropriately and reporting any concerns.

- Provide weekly information to U13 and 14 Goalkeepers and Parents regarding training times and individual IAP training.

- Provide written feedback in the form of interim and end of season reports for U13 and 14 Goalkeepers and Parents.

Personal Development

- You will maintain a Personal Development Plan to include on and off pitch development linked to your future career goals. This will include your FA Qualification pathway.

- Participate in the Coaching Cell programme both as the coach at the centre of the cell but also as part of another coach's cell if requested.

- Use the Academy Coach Competency Framework (C.O.A.C.H.) as a tool for self-analysis and reflection.

- Regularly update your Continual Professional Development area on the Clubs Learning Management System - Blue Learn.

- Participate in all relevant Academy CPD activities and sessions

- Fulfil the Clubs mandatory CPD obligations



- UEFA GK B Licence/ Level 3

- Five years of coaching experience within the relevant age groups in an Academy environment


- Every training session should be logged on the relevant performance system, with the age band philosophy having clearly been delivered

- Player match scoring should be logged, with notes and actions documented.

- Feedback should be given to players at least every six weeks, with a focus on three achievable IAPs.

- Deliver and evaluate coaching style through use of the coaching equaliser and Goalkeeping Philosophy with feedback from coaching cell.

- Evidence the process through logging review notes and development plan.

- The Employee must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due regard to Academy policies and procedures in particular Health & Safety, Financial Authorisation, Confidentiality and with regard to the Data Protection Act. The Employee must act to protect all young people and vulnerable adults that are in their care or attending the Company's premises. The Employee must report any misconduct or suspected misconduct to the Safeguarding Lead.

- IT skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and video analysis) Excellent organisational and time management skills. Ability to support Player, Parent and Staff relationships.

- New Academy Goalkeeping scoring system - Training and Games Program. Post-Match Reviews with Staff and Players.

- Planning of Player minutes and game time across u13 and 14 Goalkeepers.

- Scouting duties - when GK recruitment players are highlighted.

Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities

Chelsea FC is committed to eliminating discrimination whether by reason of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or ability and to encourage equal opportunities.

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