The Weekend’s Top Scorers - Fantasy Football Round-Up

  • S5 United FC still top of the league despite strong competition
  • Roberto Firmino and Romelu Lukaka fire in new 2nd and 3rd place teams
  • Director David Chalmers leads the way for team Sport Careers Agency Ltd...BOO!

The Fantasy Premier League returned this week after the international break, and in a weekend full of goals the ~COMPANYNAME~] Public League leader was able to maintain his position at the top of the table.

Syamim Ismail's S5 United FC is currently pacing the league with 255 points, but after getting just 29 points this GW their lead has been cut significantly by the chasing pack.

It's Not Just Cricket and manager Manraj Singh have moved into 2nd with a strong 62 point week powered by the inspired captaincy decision of Roberto Firmino and his total of 30 points.

Not far behind and with the highest points total in the league at 72 is Bazi Mohamed and his KopKraze FC. Choosing the path that many followed in the office, Bazi played his Wild Card this week - though with far better results than we managed.

Bringing in Kyle Walker, Seamus Coleman, Sadio Mane and most importantly Romelu Lukaku, who recorded 34 points as captain, KopKraze FC were only held back by their manager's surprise benching of in-form Michail Antonio in favour or Erik Lamela and Ross Barkley.

NAME~] office is struggling right now and unable to crack the top 10. Director David Chalmers sits highest in 11th after signing and captaining Diego Costa, but the rest of the office are hoping his dodgy defence pulls him back down.

This weekend sees some tasty fixtures, with Chelsea vs Liverpool kicking off the weekend on Friday before Arsenal, Leicester, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham all face relatively easy opposition to present a potential captaincy headache.

Many managers will be hoping the likes of Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez return to the form they showed before the break, or they may face the drop in favour of a number of attractive mid-price options such as Antonio, Santi Cazorla and Kevin Mirallas.

Not long until Sergio Aguero returns after all and those funds won't create themselves...

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