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Who We Are?

Pro Athletic is a world class resource for professional athletes aiming to move to the top of the leader board, or for serious amateurs aiming to take that step to achieving professional status.

A team of elite practitioners with a wealth of experience at the highest level of competition, in a wide range of sports, we have worked with World Cup and Champions League winning footballers, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalists, World Championship boxers and Grand Slam tournament winning tennis players amongst others.

What We Offer

We offer cutting edge scientific analysis of physical performance, coupled with the development of bespoke, comprehensive systems to maximise your athleticism, reduce your risk of injury or accelerate your rehabilitation.

We can give you the psychological tools needed to deal with the pressures of elite competition and with our proven track record of consistently performing at the highest level in high pressure environments, we can help you to become a more complete athlete, producing eye-catching performances time and time again.

We are world leading experts in Sports Science, Sports Psychology, Fitness and Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Sports Nutrition, so, if you are at the top of your game and wish to prolong your reign, if you are working your way up the ranks and would like a helping hand, or if you are about to step into the professional arena and require some expert advice or assistance, please contact us.

Each and every athlete gets a personally tailored service based on their specific needs and requirements, designed to maximise their physical and mental attributes and so enabling them to fully realise their athletic potential.

Our Team

Dave Billows

Dave Billows is a highly regarded sports science specialist with over 15 years' experience of working at the highest level in a variety of sporting environments, where he has developed and applied his expertise to ensure athletes are consistently able to perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.

He has held a number of senior positions within club and international football, including the England National Team Fitness Coach and Head of Sports Science / Performance at Everton, Newcastle and Real Sociedad, he has also worked with some of the best athletes in the worlds of boxing, athletics, MMA, rugby and NFL

Danny Donachie

Danny Donachie is a highly qualified and experienced performance and mindset coach and physiotherapist.

Hehas many years of working in elite level sports with numerous world class performers thankful for his help with their physical and mental wellbeing. Danny has helped many good athletes become great athletes through his mindfulness and embodyism sessions and his rehabilitation skills have nurtured hundreds of professional athletes back to their physical best.

As a younger player I did not see the full benefits of sports science or sports psychology, as I thought football was all about what you did with the ball. However, after working with Dave and Danny over the past 6/7 years, they have changed my sometimes blinkered attitude through educating me on the benefits of both disciplines and how they can add that extra 5% or 10% to your game that is required at the highest level.

I can say I have seen great results through working with Dave and Danny, in both my physical and mental capabilities and they have helped me to become a much better all-round athlete. I would highly recommend Pro-Athletic to any Athlete

Leighton Baines- Everton FC & England International

The guys at Pro-Athletic are the best there is. They have helped me prepare for fights at the highest level in world boxing. Dave's training knowledge and understanding of my sport, coupled with his innovative training ideas, have enabled me to consistently improve my strength, power and fitness, without adding one ounce to my weight.

Danny's expertise as a physiotherapist has enabled me to continue training through injuries and ailments that are part and parcel of the sport and that alone, is priceless in this game. If you are serious about success in your sport, these are the people to turn to

Tony Bellew- WBC Cruiserweight Champion

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