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About Globpol Management Ltd

Who are we?

Globpol Management Ltd are a Sports Agency with great links to the Premier League,Championship, League 1 and 2 clubs, as well as other European clubs.We work with and alongside many football scouts and agents, and are always growing links within the UK and the rest of the world. We specialise in managing footballers lives, and getting the best for the player, in terms of their career currently and their prospects.

Why exactly us?


Our wide network of connections enables us to find each player a club that suits his preferences and skills.Part of our commitment is to guide and support you throughout the entire process including organising and attending trials as well as negotiating terms of contracts.We always act in the best interest of out partners and not only pay particular attention to financial aspects, but also any other matters matters concerning the legal side of agreement.

All of this means that you can focus on what truly matters to respectable player - training and on-pitch performance!


For your career to grow, you mustn't get distracted by matters like travel or accommodation. We'll find a suitable living space based on your specific needs, removing the stress of house haunting.

Need a car? Not a problem either! From insurance to finding your dream four wheels, you won't need to worry about any of the daunting task involved with car ownership and maintenance.


Professional legal care is core to our services. We always act in the best interest of our partners, therefore every contract is checked and evaluated by our lawyers. Truly comprehensive approach is our pride, therefore apart from legal aspect related to clubs, we can also take care of sponsorship agreements, image rights and any other legal,financial or marketing contracts.


It goes without saying that appropriate injury treatment or psychological care are essential on the young player's road to success. It's typical for most professional clubs to provide their players with medical care, however, this sometimes prove insufficient. Globpol Management works closely with a number of private practices giving you access to rapid medical services. Apart from minimising the risk, it also gives you reassurance of receiving appropriate treatment and putting your career back on track.


For a modern player, image and social perception are equally important as good performance on the pitch.Nowadays, companies see players as credible ambassadors of their brands and expect them to take part in marketing activities. A well-planned campaign can bring sportsmen significant gains. Our team constantly seek new ways of capitalising on players image.

What else do we do?

To find hidden talent, We are also an organiser of Football Trials, through which a young player has a chance to be scouted and signed by the agency, allowing them to move into the professional football. The trials for upcoming season will start in October 2017, and for updates follow them on social media sites or visit their website.

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