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The Fantasy Football Magazine is the world's first print and digital magazine dedicated to the Fantasy Premier League, a phenomenon that attracts millions of players worldwide.

Founded in early 2017, FFMAG was launched off the back of an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, which saw hundreds of managers contribute to the future of our innovative publication. Since then, our audience has grown from hundreds to thousands, with print magazines being sent to over 30 different countries across the world.

We are proud to be behind the most engaging, sophisticated FPL content in the industry. Our writing team is comprised of expert players, sports psychologists, professional statisticians and renowned football tacticians, among others. Our talented design team complete the equation, creating aesthetically beautiful, effortlessly readable magazines that look sleek and professional whether on screen or paper.

The result is a rapidly growing global audience who respond to our magazine like no other medium. In our short time, we have been recognised by Premier League footballers and national radio stations alike, as well as numerous podcasts and blogs. We have quickly established ourselves as an authority on all things FPL, and look forward to continual growth long into the future.

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