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Founded by former professional footballer Louis Saha based on his own experience during a career spanning France, UK and Italy. He wants to make sure that others don't make the same mistakes that he did by ensuring they have access to vetted experts, advisors and companies.

AxisStars is here to address the problems that pro-athletes often have. They:

- Fear they're missing out on opportunities
- Are distracted from learning how to avoid financial struggles
- Feel they could have a greater impact by uniting
- Have a lack of control over some decisions
- Find it hard to get digestible information
- Feel isolated or lost during their transition to a new career
- Struggle to genuinely network on public sites such as LinkedIn

We've built a safe environment, specifically for Pro-Athletes & Entertainers, combining trusted resources in one simple app, to facilitate control & confidence for a better future.

Our Admissions & Ethics Committee ensures that all service providers & companies in the Community have been assessed for trustworthiness & quality.

Free membership for talent:
24/7 access via a dedicated mobile app with no commitment.

More control:
Develop your understanding and autonomy to evaluate opportunities

Build your network:
Browse suggestions of valuable profiles, matching yours, to grow your network

Personal Development:
Learn new skills with free bitesize courses or discounted qualifications

Find a mentor or expert:
Get trusted advice from someone who has been there, about your career or your future

'We are delighted that Sport Careers Agency have joined the AxisStars Community. Their skill and insight in developing CVs for talent, along with their extensive network of job opportunities will be invaluable to our members.'

Louis Saha: Founder, AxisStars

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