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Ashton Pilates

Ashton Pilates offers a comprehensive range of fully bespoke services tailored to people's personal goals- drawing from Jon Ashton's personal experiences in a high performance sporting environment as well as through his work with the award winning studio The Pilates Pod. As an experienced practitioner, teacher and student, Jon Ashton knows exactly how pilates can help you overcome injuries and enhance your fitness- whether you are competing in sport or simply seeking to improve your standard of living.


  • Bespoke 1-to-1 sessions at home or in the workplace
  • Engaging & challenging group classes for up 12 people
  • Workouts for individuals to undertake in their own time that are tailored to their goals and fitness levels
  • Specific sessions for athletes across all individual or team sports, designed to improve functional strength, flexibility and mobility in line with the demands of their sport
  • Mentoring to individuals who require ongoing support to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals


Jon Ashton is a total professional. His thirst for knowledge and his dedication to whatever he does shines through when you meet him and get the chance to see him work. His work in the gym with the players was invaluable and helped massively with injury prevention. He encouraged others to work on different aspects of strength & conditioning training, and often led the groups. The players enjoyed his Pilates classes and Jon was an excellent instructor.

Mark Yates- Former Manager, Crawley Town FC

Anyone who has suffered from a prolapsed disc as I did will understand how painful and debilitating it can be. Thanks to Jon's expertise, dedication and methodical planning, he constructed a number of routines that got me back to full fitness. Working in a sporting environment with elite athletes, I now understand and appreciate the full benefits of Pilates. Since we have introduced Pilates to our training, we have seen a vast improvement to our fitness,

John Dreyer- Coaching Consultant, Bradford City AFC

In my opinion the best therapists are those who have personnel experiences similar to those of their clientele. Jon certainly has that and has used sports-specific Pilates as a major rehabilitation tool at each stage of his rehabilitation and performance when back in full training. There is a big need for not just Pilates but 'sports-specific Pilate ' in professional sports rehabilitation, and I'm pleased Jon has taken Pilates to this new exciting level.

Anne Marie O'Connor, Consultant Musculoskeletal Podiatrist - Fortius Clinic

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