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Prime Basketball offers your child a variety of lifelong skills and opportunities. Our specialised coaches tailor sessions to offer your child an understanding of the skills required to play this game. We can help your child with coordination, agility, flexibility and the understanding and importance of a healthy lifestyle. Your child will grow in confidence, be able to work in a team and develop their discipline and leadership skills. Our weekly sessions teach, coach and guide your child to be able to confidently compete in a range of competitions.

Prime Sports was established with a vision to develop and promote sport in the UAE by providing exceptional coaching services. We aspire to create a sustainable community through various initiatives that we believe are crucial to building a strong foundation that competes with international standards. Prime Sports is dedicated to development by offering long-term programmes and clear pathways. We aim to do this by working with the best schools, nurseries, sponsors, corporates and individuals who believe in what we do.

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