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Welcome to Living for the Weekend. We are a specialist events business who aim to offer a fully tailored solution to your event planning needs. Whether it be a Stag or Hen weekend, a Sports event, a Corporate day or evening or something more Bespoke, we take away all the stress of the planning and arrangements and let you focus on enjoying the event.

Our business is to ensure your event goes perfectly, everyone enjoys themselves and everything is tailored 100% to your specific needs!

Our Mission is to take football into the community for the benefit of the community. Wherever we go our ethos of football coaching to children and youths’, teaching them good ball skills, the basics of football and good fitness standards in a fun way remains the same.

Plus, probably unique to us, we integrate children with special needs including autism, asperger’s, hearing impairments and ADHD into all of our sessions.

Stag and Hen Trips

Okay so you have likely been given then honour of being the best man or the bridesmaid and of the many duties you will have, the most important is organising the Stag or Hen weekend!! It is the last hoorah, it is the event that brings many of the soon to be happy couples friends together, it is almost always the talking point for people at the wedding and lets face it, it is a belting weekend of fun!!!

A lot of the questions that need answered are things like; Where do we go? Where do we stay? How do we get there? How long for? What shall we do to pass the time? (It cant be 100% drink, well maybe it can). Our experience allows us to take away all of the stress of getting it just right! knowing where to go and what to do it always important. Organising large groups of people can be very tough and hence a good plan can make it a whole lot easier. That’s where we come in...

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