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Interview Coaching

If you struggle with the thought of walking into an interview room, you are not alone. You need to feel confident and comfortable to sell yourself and answer questions assertively. Our interview Coaching support will help you prepare for any level of interview and ensure that you are aware of what lies ahead.

Work with our expert to ensure you are fully informed and prepared in the build-up to your interview. Develop your strategy and approach, know your unique selling points and step into the interview with the confidence and belief that you will secure your desired role.


  • Interview Strategy - Interview preparation and techniques.
  • Brand Preparation - Know your own value! Understand how to capitalise on your strengths and stand out from the crowd.
  • Interview Question Preparation - Identifying key questions from the job description and sourcing the most relevant examples.
  • Mock Interview (Call/Video/ F2F) + Scenario Preparation - Test yourself against the expert. Be fully prepared for every eventuality. Tailor your responses to the right audience.
  • In-depth Company Research - Know the company history and role you're applying for.
  • Master Group Tasks and Competency-Based Tasks - Learn how to approach group tasks and know what the assessor is looking for.
  • Mindset Coaching - Work with our Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist to manage your stress and anxiety to boost your confidence with the interview pressure and in turn, present yourself in a credible, engaging, eloquent and authoritative way.


Sport Career Agency's coaching helped me secure the job I wanted. I learnt to speak more clearly about my strengths and present myself more confidently. Sport Careers Agency have a wealth of experience in the sports industry, and their sessions and preparatory materials are tailored to suit you and your desired role. I can highly recommend their service to anyone needing better interview technique.

Becky - Head of Player Care

I came to Sport Career Agency needing help to change my career not really sure if it was going to be the help I needed. I couldn't have been more wrong and owe a lot to these guys and their brilliant team. I know I always will have someone to talk to if I need help with job related problems, they are incredibly experienced, and this will benefit anyone looking to transition into the sports industry and in need of advice and coaching! Thank you SCA!

Sean - First Team Recruitment Analyst

Sport Career Agency's interview coach helped me focus my career goals. I developed key interview techniques and skills that I can hold for life. Thank you SCA! Excellent service!

Chris - Sports Marketing Manager

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