Elite Candidate Service

By using our Elite Candidate Service, your profile, hosted for free on our website, will be open for viewing by all traffic to the site. With a potential reach of over 180,000 visitors, allow us to showcase your profile to key recruitment stakeholders in the global sports industry including professional clubs, CEO's, managers and agents.

Together with your Elite Candidate benefits you can create your online profile and can:

  • Give a full biography on your background and ambitions
  • Place a feed to any videos you media
  • URL link to your new CV/Profile and other Sport Careers Agency documents
  • Include link to your own personal website
  • Create a list of your qualifications and key achievements
  • Add a photo gallery
  • Include testimonials and references from previous employer(s)
  • Receive unlimited access to our global job board
  • Arrange free updates to your CV/Profile

This page is yours to update or amend when you wish. Why not share your profile directly with future employers or on your LinkedIn page.

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