Automated CVs

Welcome to our exciting new feature!

Our bespoke CV writing service will never be beaten as we have expert consultants helping write, design and develop a very polished product with a lot more detail and key information. However, we recognise that not everyone can use our team and we have built a starting alternative for all our Sport Careers members.

The Elite Profile ensures your full profile is on display at the front end of the site to be viewed by people across the globe as shown in following video:

  • A free simple CV built from the information YOU PROVIDE within your profile
  • Every time you update your profile your CV will be updated at the same time, without any additional charges
  • Your CV is hosted and on file with us for as long as you remain a member
  • You can use this CV to apply for jobs on the site
  • When you update your profile, the CV updates also even in your file for applying to jobs
  • As we develop the technology, the look and feel of your CV can change as we allow you to switch between additional templates
  • The CV will be automatically included in our searchable CV database for recruiters

Sporting Professionals

Your CV profile can include the following:

  • A professional profile picture
  • A detailed personal profile
  • Employers' logos
  • Dates of employment
  • Key contact information
  • Images of you working/coaching
  • Job titles
  • Key achievements

Current Players

Build a playing CV and send it to clubs, agents and managers now!

  • Profile Picture
  • Personal Profile
  • Achievements
  • Contact Details (Yours or Agents)
  • Height and Weight
  • Position
  • Preferred Foot
  • Clubs played for (with number of appearances and goals)
  • Playing images

Which CV Service do I need?

Automated CVBespoke CVs
Profile Image
Usually a professional picture of you at the top of the CV
Basic Contact Information
Add in your email and phone number
Personal Profile
A bit about you personally to sell who you are and what you do
Key Achievements
Sell yourself properly by outlining what you have done and how awesome you are
Detail all the areas where you are qualified and trained
Career History
Job title, dates and employers all shown
Playing Statistics
Appearances and goals scored
We add in the logos for employers and qualifications
Expert Graphics
Detailed graphics to emphasise other key sections of your CV
Dedicated content writer
The content is KEY, our team are experts at helping you draw our your experience and skills
We speak to people you have worked for to let them endorse you and your skills
Specialist Sections
Top CVs always have more specific details and areas to focus in on further experience
Key Skills & Competences
Outline your skills and technical expertise to show the level you work at
Duties & Responsibilities
Document your role and go into detail about what you do and how
Philosophy / Methodology
These days in sport people want to know how you think, add in sections on how you work
Bespoke design
Our content team ensure your profile is uniquely designed and laid out just for you
Extended contact details
Add in your address, social media links and more
Video Links
Links of you playing, coaching or anything relevant
Automated CVBespoke CVs

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