Allan Hale

First Team Manager

  • Date Joined: 28th July 2016
A highly ambitious, progressive and enterprising football manager with a commitment to applying an intense passion for the game as well as lessons learned on the pitch to the successful management of a forward thinking club.

An organised and assured individual who is able to have an impact both on and off the pitch through the ability to develop players and make tactical innovations while working to improve upon a club’s infrastructure and commercial performance.
Allan Hale


  • Scottish Football Association: Coaching Footballers 13+

    Scottish Football Association
    Coaching Footballers 13+

  • UEFA: B Licence (Pending)

    B Licence (Pending)

  • UEFA: C Licence

    C Licence

  • Scottish Football Association: Club Coach Certificate

    Scottish Football Association
    Club Coach Certificate

  • Scottish Football Association: Development Activities

    Scottish Football Association
    Development Activities

  • Scottish Football Association: Children Level 1.1 - 1.3 Certificates

    Scottish Football Association
    Children Level 1.1 - 1.3 Certificates

  • Scottish Football Association: Children Level 1.1: Early Touches

    Scottish Football Association
    Children Level 1.1: Early Touches

  • Scottish Football Association: Coaching Youth Footballers Certificate

    Scottish Football Association
    Coaching Youth Footballers Certificate

  • Scottish Football Association: Early Touches & Development Certificates

    Scottish Football Association
    Early Touches & Development Certificates

Career History

  • Keith Football Club

    Keith Football Club
    2015 – 2017

  • Maud Junior FC

    Maud Junior FC
    Player / Manager
    2012 – 2015

  • Fraserburgh Football Club

    Fraserburgh Football Club
    2005 – 2012
    Appearances: 221 · Goals: 83

  • Aberdeen FC

    Aberdeen FC
    Community Coach
    2004 – 2006

Allan Hale News

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