Andrew Lea

Football Education Tutor and Specialist Coach

  • Date Joined: 26th July 2021
Andrew Lea
I’m 29 years old and live in Southport, England.
I started my career off in the football industry coaching in the USA and Canada for 7 years. I also gained experience through being involved in the scouting system for a Premier League club.
After finishing my university studies in Sport and Exercise Science my employment changed into Adult Education, specifically football education. I am responsible for producing, delivering and setting coursework and practical assessments as well as marking, providing feedback and giving individual targets. The course is catered to students aged 16-18 who specifically want to go down a football route (coaching, playing scholarships, scouting).
Andrew Lea


  • : BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

    BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

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