Bjorgvin Gunnarsson

Head coach

  • Date Joined: 18th November 2016
A highly experienced football coach at youth and senior level who has excelled in leading teams to on-field success through strong leadership, planning, communication and man management skills combined with a positive and innovative approach to both playing style and player development.
Bjorgvin  Gunnarsson


  • : Sport science

    Sport science

  • UEFA: - UEFA A licence holder

    - UEFA A licence holder

Career History

  • Fc KR Reykjavík

    Fc KR Reykjavík
    Head coach
    2009 – 2015

  • Fc Hottur

    Fc Hottur
    2002 – 2009

  • Fc Austurland

    Fc Austurland
    Head coach
    2016 – Present

Key Achievements

  • Reykjavik champions with Fc KR 2014
  • winner of the 1. Division with Fc KR 2014

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