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My name is Cem and I am 22 years old. I live in Turkey. I have spent my education life in my hometown, Izmir. I have studied International Trade and Finance as a bachelor’s degree at Yasar University. During the third year of university life, I have spent one semester in Poland, Warsaw University, within the framework of the Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program. The program made me improve my language skills and meet new people from different cultures. Also, I have gained great life experience. I had a great chance to know myself. During summer terms, I have made internships to get to know the business industry. By those internships, I have gained knowledge about management, finance, and business.
Sports has always been a passion for me. So, I have decided to take educations, attend seminars and conferences. I decided to apply my business knowledge to the field that I want to be in and started to improve my skills in that way. Below you can see my educations.
-Medical Fitness Trainer
-Certificate in Usage of Technology and GPS in Sports
-Soccer Management and Scouting
-Fundamentals of Global Sports Management
-Sports Industry Essentials
-The Science of Youth Athlete Training
-Doping: Sports, Organizations, and Sciences
You can see the education organizations in my CV. I am not only taking educations but also try to attend volunteer-ships. I was the host of RC Celta de Vigo during the U12 Izmir Cup which is the biggest underage tournament of Europe. I had a chance to improve Spanish language skills and communication skills. Also, I took part as a volunteer for some environmental organizations for example; Global Environment Organization. By those volunteer-ships, I had a great chance to improve my linguistic skills and make a network. I can speak 3 languages; English, Spanish, German.
As I have mentioned above, I am trying to improve my skills in every part of life including technology and computer. I took Advanced Excel education including a basic level of macros to analyze data and transfer them into sheets in an effective way. So that I can be a better data and tactical analyst.
I have a great passion for the industry. And I believe that with the passion, I can make an impact on the organization which I work for. I want to be a scout and gain great potentials to the industry. I believe that I can be very beneficial for the organization.

PS: I am opened to any recommendations. I would be very happy if you could give me advice on the path that I am walking. I am willing to be in the sports industry and be a great scout.
Cem Toper

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