Declan Cooke

commercial executive

  • Date Joined: 20th July 2020
Date of Birth: 5th July 1997
Position: midfield · Height: 6’ 1” (185cms) · Weight: 16st 7lb (105kgs)

Declan Cooke, I am a commercial executive on track for senior at Leyton Group working with companies in the software and sports sector with turnovers of 50million +, along with having a degree back ground in Sports Management. I have specialised in training and coaching in every company I have been at, from operating machinery, sales, events and sports coaching at schools and clubs. Along with a strong management head, lead from the front where ever I’ve been and never shy away from taking on responsibility and leadership. I inspire to work in the sports industry and aspire to make a change and difference to the current structure. Alongside this I have shown passion in physical training, in relation to strength and conditioning with semi pro athletes and members of the sports community.
Declan Cooke


  • : BSc (Hons) Sports Management

    BSc (Hons) Sports Management

  • : Physical Instructor, Fitness and Gym

    Physical Instructor, Fitness and Gym

Key Achievements

  • Current job: Being lead business developer in the football sector, I signed West Brom, York city, Preston North end, to name a few

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