Diogo Marques

Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Date Joined: 21st November 2016
I am a sport passionate especially when it comes to strength and conditioning training. The development of strength and power aiming to the improvement of sports performance is what really makes me fascinated about this field. I hold a master’s degree in Sports Science with a specialization in Sports Training. I am currently working as a research fellow from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and developing my Ph.D. thesis at the University of Beira Interior, in Portugal. I study how movement velocity can be used during resistance training to assess, control, and prescribe the training load. Other research interests include monitoring fatigue and analyzing the effects of resistance training on the physical performance of athletes.

Evaluation of physical performance (individual/collective);
Management of different evaluation tools (e.g., T-Force System, Optojump, Electronic Timing Gates, FMS);
Training prescription focused on the development of physical and technical skills;
Team and individual monitoring (injury prevention; tracking development);
Statistical Analysis (Excel, SPSS, GraphPad Prism).

More About me:
Diogo Marques

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