Erik Smakman

CEO ES-Sports Management

  • Date Joined: 26th June 2017
In recent years, the football Industry had to deal with major changes.
And as a result of a decision by FIFA the licensing system for playeragents is worldwide abolished from the 1th of April 2015, from that date playeragents referred to as intermediaries.
This was the reason of the creation of the company ES Sports Management based in the Netherlands. The main business of the office is Transfer Management and to scout and find the right players for the right clubs.
Most of the times we already found out during the season, or even out of the season, what a club ask for, so to introduced the right player and provide the best solution.
To work with ES Sports Management will be a deliberate choice, because we want to advise a club or a player as objectively as possible. We can only achieve this, if we have personal interest in the choices of a club or a player who wants to make this choise.
After all, it is the correct cover of, and the respect for the request of the Club to achieve the target in a combination of a players career. We will always point out the advantages and/or disadvantages of each opportunity.
That is how we feel it should be. We understand this is a different way of working but football has to deal with major changes so we do.
Our Agency is focused on the professional way of treatment and we are convinced that we can help the clubs in all their questions and needs. We have players that are available and trainers who are willing to invest in a Club with their professionalism and commitment in the clubs to achieve the target.
It is for this reason why we have chosen this company slogan “When you need results”

With lots of respect, Erik Smakman CEO ES Sports Management
Erik Smakman


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