Garry Lewis

1st Assistant & Recruitment Coordinator

  • Date Joined: 28th August 2020
I am the 1st Assistant of the University of the Cumberland’s Men’s Soccer Program. My duties include assisting the Head Coach in the strategic designing and implementing of tactical and physical periodization training; game-day strategic adjustments; psychological skills training exercises; recruiting outstanding people domestic and abroad; educational guidance and support; and budget and scholarship management/maintenance.

My work experience within the game includes over ten years of coaching at various levels and modalities of soccer. Previously, I was the 1st Assistant for the University of Jyväskylä’s affiliated men’s futsal team Liikunnan Riemu, located in Central Finland from 2017-20. While assisting part-time I also studied and earned my MS.c. in Sport Management and Exercise Promotion. Prior to that I was the U12-U17 Youth Academy Technical Director for the Jacksonville Armada FC.
Garry Lewis


  • UEFA: B Licence

    B Licence

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