Gerard Marsman

  • Date Joined: 30th August 2016
fter working for a long time and successfully in the Netherlands (many youth players can develop for the 1st team), I am now open for a new challenge, preferably abroad.

As you can see in the appendix, I have experience as a Coach, Instructor and Head of Academy.

My challenge now is to develop youth players to an international level for the 1st team. My preference is to work in in the English competition and at a club where the youth academy is an important aspect of the club, like Wolverhampton. This from a good organizational cooperation, the club culture and the club vision.

For the ’Pro course’, I did a coaching internship at Manchester United FC, and I got to know English football and the various football academies.

I really agree with the vision of Wolverhampton (want to develop and have ambition). All in all, I am very interested, if you appreciate it, I am prepared to come over to Wolverhampton to meet in person.

I look forward to your reaction.

With kind regards,

Henny Lee
Gerard Marsman

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