Inaki Larrinoa

Director of Youth Training

  • Date Joined: 29th March 2019
Date of Birth: 21st October 1974

My life has always been linked to football, although I did not become a professional player, I started playing football with 4 years, and I played until the age of 24, when I had to retire for a back injury. As a player I went through all categories of grassroots football, competing in the national category, and as an adult I came to play in the third division in Spain. Once retired, I wanted to stay linked to soccer and studied to be a coach.I have the title of coach UEFA PRO, the highest awarded at UEFA level, another by the real Spanish football federation. I have more than 20 years of experience as a coach, most of them in base football, and working with elite teams in Spain as a coach and as an analyst. I am currently working in China, as Sports and Methodological Director of a local club in Guangzhou. My phones number are +34 609036897 and +86 133 1088 7017.
Inaki Larrinoa




Key Achievements

  • Category promotions in Spain with several clubs

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