Jonathon O’Neill

Head Coach Academy Centre

  • Date Joined: 18th September 2017
I am an experienced, enthusiastic person who is eager to learn. I am currently in Canada and have a work permit which I sort out myself. I am hungry for continuous improvement and thrive on new challenges. I am currently finishing my Master’s Degree MA in Sports coaching. I wish to work for a leader in the sports industry, and am determined to make a career in my passion which is football. While I am an avid coach, I have skills which are transferable to business and other aspects of the industry which I have learned through work experience as well as formal education. I intend on beginning my UEFA A License in June 2019. I am interested in the world of sports in general, and am an avid reader on topics such as sports leadership and the revolution of statistical analysis in sports. I have read extensively in these areas, as well as the area of emotional intelligence and psychology, which have been useful tools in my own personal development. I also enjoy reading on philosophy, particularly on coaching philosophy and how our values and beliefs can improve coaching practice.
Jonathon O’Neill


  • : UEFA A License

    UEFA A License

  • : Youth Diploma

    Youth Diploma

  • : UEFA B

    UEFA B

  • : BA (Hons) Sports Coaching and Development

    BA (Hons) Sports Coaching and Development

  • : PG Diploma Sports Coaching

    PG Diploma Sports Coaching

Career History

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC

    Vancouver Whitecaps FC
    Provincial Academy Centre Head Coach
    2018 – 2019

  • Irish Footbal Association

    Irish Footbal Association
    Schools coach , PDP coach.
    2010 – 2018

  • Woodstock Soccer Club

    Woodstock Soccer Club
    Director of Player and Coach Development
    2019 – Present

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