• Date Joined: 11th November 2021
I have extensive experience in various positions in my current company, Correos (Spanish Post Services), from the most basic of the company, which has given me a global perspective of the needs to incorporate in subsequent Marketing campaigns that my current company has developed. Likewise, I have been able to maintain close interaction with different areas within my company.
I consider myself a person with great interests and I have always wanted to progress both personally and professionally. For this reason, I decided to study a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce to be able to progress professionally either within my current company or outside of it.
I can offer:
- A great ability to communicate and always count on teamwork, key to achieve the objectives set.
- I have always had a great responsibility both professionally and privately. My parents are deaf and from a very young age I have had to help them in various matters, which has given me a great responsibility at a very young age.
- I have managed the creation and publication of content on the website of Citypaq, a postal parcel service. As well as the Correos website. This has led me to interact with other departments of Correos.

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