Keisha Ann Down

  • Date Joined: 2nd November 2020

I am an Accredited Master Coach, a qualified teacher, an experienced trainer and facilitator, a sports psychology coach and sports media presenter. As well as being the founding Director of Dragonfly Pathways, my former coaching and training company, I am also the Vice-Chairman for the Jamaica Rugby Football Union, the President of my Alumnae Association, and a member of the Change from Within team. I believe in living life to the full and have been blessed with the opportunity and courage to do so.

I believe in always creating a better space for individuals to learn, grow and create their own path towards their goals. By having truthful conversations that allow each person to face their fears and limitations we are able to design a personalised plan that is focused towards producing results.

I work with a diverse set of clients, from large international corporations and educational institutions to individual coaching clients. I have built my brand by providing frameworks that deliver results through customized solutions. I encourage positive growth, self-realisation, as well as provide tools and training to ensure clients attain their goals and achieve measurable success.

I have been able to develop and hone my communication skills further to ensure that key messages are delivered effectively and with impact. I thrive in a demanding work environment with a varied schedule. Within companies I guide leaders in building enthusiastic and supportive teams, while illustrating effective techniques needed to address any resistance while transforming organisational culture.


Leadership: A visible leader and mentorship figure who is highly experienced in managing colleagues and leading by example across different projects and teams. Confident and experienced in taking charge of any situation.

Project Management: Proven track record in the delivery of projects within set performance parameters, utilising different methodologies to the highest standards of excellence.

Communication: Strong interpersonal skills, demonstrates a high level of verbal and written communication skills with the ability to liaise effectively with partners of all levels and specialties. Assured in conveying information clearly and concisely.

Time Management: Able to prioritise a number of demanding tasks effectively in order to achieve goals and targets, delivering high-quality work within deadline. Ability to keep a cool head when under pressure and deliver work to highest standard.

Analytical Thinking: A clear thinker, able to analyse a situation and process information quickly in order to develop logical solutions in project management. Able to anticipate problems and remain open and flexible to unearth solutions.

Planning and Organisation: Structured mindset ensures all processes are run efficiently and to schedule. Able to multi-task to stay on top of a number of concurrent projects.


“With 3 months to go till the end of 2015 and 12% behind in revenue from the previous year, I decided to bring in Keisha-Ann to give the team new energy and focus. The results were amazing, a new vibrant team and we achieved our goal of surpassing our previous year’s revenue.” - Andrew Issa, Managing Director, Coldwell Banker Jamaica

“Keisha-Ann is a qualified teacher, an outstanding classroom practitioner and a Life Coach. She is exceptionally gifted when working with students with challenging behaviour or students from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds. She has been instrumental in developing mentoring and life coaching within the context of removing barriers to academic achievement within the school.” - Eugene Dwaah, Managing Director, UK

“As a company, we have engaged the services of Dragonfly Pathways on numerous occasions to suit differing business needs. We have always been very impressed with how our varied needs were discussed in a collaborative manner and understood by Dragonfly Pathways. Their approach adapted to suit each particular audience and their objectives were of great benefit as this meant coaching time was used most effectively. Within group audience situations, Keisha-Ann has the ability to engage with every individual and create an environment of comfort and interest for all participants. When coaching staff on a one-to-one level, Keisha-Ann fosters the participants own abilities so they gain confidence and take control in their daily tasks. As a result of the varied sessions provided by Dragonfly Pathways over the last 12 months, our Jamaican operation now has staff who are focused, dedicated and have the understanding and ability to directly influence positive results and output.” - Michael Payne, General Manager, Actavo Jamaica

“I have known Keisha-Ann Down for several years now. As a regular guest on programs I produce on Nationwide radio, I have found her to be very dependable, efficient and resourceful. Not only that, she is a person of her word and very versatile. I would certainly recommend her to anyone seeking high quality performance and reliability.” - Rashona Fitz-Henley, Senior Producer, Nationwide Radio

“I worked with Keisha-Ann via Skype twice, two blocks of six, 45 minute sessions. Both times to help me focus my goals and align them with my core values. The sessions were super helpful because she used my own words to coach me, which made it much easier for me to gain insight and find solutions. We had a major time difference, as I am in the US and even with this obstacle, I never felt rushed or ignored. Keisha-Ann planned sessions out ahead of time and sent me my homework. If the planned exercise didn’t work for some reason (sometimes because I hadn’t done my homework) she easily reworked the plan with another item from her coaching toolkit. Therefore, sessions were always productive and tailored to my present needs. I highly recommend working with Keisha-Ann via Skype and can only imagine how much more powerful sessions might be in person.” - Kelly Baker Josephs, Professor of English and Digital Humanities, York College and the CUNY Graduate Center
Keisha Ann Down


  • Intl Auth for Prof Coaching & Mentoring: Master Accredited Coach

    Intl Auth for Prof Coaching & Mentoring
    Master Accredited Coach

  • Spencer Institute: Certified Sport Psychology Coach

    Spencer Institute
    Certified Sport Psychology Coach

  • Cornell University : Women in Leadership Certificate

    Cornell University
    Women in Leadership Certificate

  • International Career Institute: World Rugby Women in Leadership Scholarship

    International Career Institute
    World Rugby Women in Leadership Scholarship

  • International Career Institute: Sports Management Diploma

    International Career Institute
    Sports Management Diploma

  • Intl Auth for Prof Coaching & Mentoring: Senior Accredited Coach

    Intl Auth for Prof Coaching & Mentoring
    Senior Accredited Coach

  • London South Bank University: Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship

    London South Bank University
    Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship

  • Intl Auth for Prof Coaching & Mentoring: Accredited Practitioner Coach

    Intl Auth for Prof Coaching & Mentoring
    Accredited Practitioner Coach

  • Achievement Specialists Ltd: Lch Dip Certification in Life Coaching

    Achievement Specialists Ltd
    Lch Dip Certification in Life Coaching

  • Mico University College : Diploma in Education

    Mico University College
    Diploma in Education

  • Kingston University : BSc Geography with Geology

    Kingston University
    BSc Geography with Geology

Career History

  • CoachHub

    Accredited Master Coach
    2019 – Present

  • Lee Hecht Harrison

    Lee Hecht Harrison
    2018 – 2019

  • Jamaica Olympic Association

    Jamaica Olympic Association
    Manager ANOC Beach Games (Volunteer)
    2018 – 2018

  • ICHS Alumnae Association

    ICHS Alumnae Association
    President (Volunteer)
    2018 – Present

  • Change from Within

    Change from Within
    Accredited Master Coach/Trainer
    2016 – Present

  • Jamaica Rugby Football Union

    Jamaica Rugby Football Union
    Vice-Chairman (Volunteer)
    2016 – Present

  • Dragonfly Pathways Limited

    Dragonfly Pathways Limited
    Owner/Accredited Master Coach
    2014 – 2020

  • Skinners Academy

    Skinners Academy
    Director of Learning/Behaviour Mentor
    2012 – 2014

  • Project Trust

    Project Trust
    Senior Desk Officer (Volunteer)
    2006 – 2010

Key Achievements

  • Published my original research while at Change from Within, identifying key elements for a successful change programme as well as role of implementers of these kinds of programmes, in the Caribbean Quarterly.
  • I am sought out regularly to provide expert insight on a number of national programmes on both television and radio. I am a confident and experienced media figure always willing to offer insightful views on the latest sporting or other matters.
  • I have recently started working as a presenter on The Women’s Rugby Show, a popular programme broadcast over YouTube.
  • On TVJ I have made multiple appearances on Smile Jamaica and Sport News, while also working as a Life Coach for It’s a Woman’s World Season.
  • On CVM I have been on Sunrise 2019 and Talking Sports: Jamaica Rugby Football Union.
  • My radio appearances include Nationwide Radio Shows: ‘At Your Service’ and ‘Every Woman’ and Edge 95 FM: Unfiltered.
  • At the Jamaica Rugby Football Union, implement new strategies and policies, develop strategic plans and ensure stakeholder participation in the process.
  • At the Jamaica Rugby Football Union, introduced a more professional approach to the organisation overall, starting effectively from scratch with little money, just one member of staff and some volunteers, to deliver a more robust and progressive structure

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