Lizzie Fluke

Performance Coach / Strength & Conditioning (ASCC) / Fitness Coach

  • Date Joined: 23rd August 2016
I am a forward thinking performance coach and UKSCA accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCC), with a BA (Hons) degree in History from Teeside University

As a role model my delivery skills and work ethic are of the highest standard. My written and oral communication is clear and easy to understand. Working in diverse environments has enabled me to enhance my communication skills and develop a strong understanding of motivations for athletes. This has resulted in significant performance improvements, using solution focused coaching and by establishing a strong work ethic.

Working abroad in complex dynamic environments under intense pressure, I have showed immense resilience and interpersonal skills. I motivate those who I work with and build skilled and successful relationships. My verifiable record of success working with elite youth footballers 15-21ys also includes Men’s 1st team football, where I am currently at Malmö FF as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (Coach Placement). I also have extensive experience within elite women’s and girls football.

I have a proven track record of improving performance and implementing strategies in football and across a variety of sports. By using sound scientific principles, evidence-based and applied practice, keen observation and quality of coaching; I have consistently advanced athletic performance. For example, Hibernian achieved successive top four finishes within the SWPL, effective injury reduction programmes were fully integrated into team sessions, and players progressed consistently into national squads at youth and senior level, all within the LTAD programmes I implemented and managed together with the team.

My previous leadership & management roles in Sport Development, and my experience at International level coordinating and managing programmes within Elite Youth and Senior Football, and a variety of other Olympic Sports, means I would confidently deliver academy curriculum, but also build on and improve existing development pathways. This includes improving competition Performance within Senior 1st team football and Olympic sports, increasing athletes ability to perform and remain fit to take part in competition, particularly critical phases in games and training.

I work with Sports Medicine departments to facilitate significant improvements in athletic performance, reduce injury and illness risks, enhance athlete health and well-being, support sports nutrition guidance, and improve training adaptations. I have Identified athlete requirements in partnership with Technical Coaches and other service providers to create and deliver high quality performance programmes. Throughout my career I have been a role model and received excellent testimonials from sports industry leaders, athletes and clients throughout my career, as evidence of my skills improving performance.

I am passionate about football and sport, I would currently welcome any employment opportunities to contribute to an organisations continual growth and performance.
Lizzie Fluke


  • UK Sports Coach: Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certificate

    UK Sports Coach
    Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certificate

  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health: First Aid at Work (QCF) Level 3 Award

    Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
    First Aid at Work (QCF) Level 3 Award

  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health: Basic Life Support (QCF) Level 2 Award

    Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
    Basic Life Support (QCF) Level 2 Award

  • UK Strength & Conditioning Association: Accredited Member

    UK Strength & Conditioning Association
    Accredited Member

  • Scottish Football Association: Children Level 1.1 - 1.3 Certificates

    Scottish Football Association
    Children Level 1.1 - 1.3 Certificates

  • Scottish Football Association: Youth Level 1.1 - 1.3 Certificates

    Scottish Football Association
    Youth Level 1.1 - 1.3 Certificates

  • Teesside University: BA (Hons) - History

    Teesside University
    BA (Hons) - History

Career History

  • Lizzie Fitness

    Lizzie Fitness
    Performance Coach/Strength & Conditioning Specialist
    2015 – Present

  • Marty Newham Sprint Group

    Marty Newham Sprint Group
    Assistant Coach – 100m Specialist
    2016 – 2017

  • Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee

    Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee
    S&C Coach (Women’s Wild Card Programme); Performance Specialist; Programme Manager
    2016 – 2016

  • Scottish Hockey

    Scottish Hockey
    Lead S&C Coach - Men’s U21 / Development Squad
    2015 – 2016

  • Scottish Rugby Union

    Scottish Rugby Union
    S&C Coach - Scottish Rugby Academies
    2015 – 2016

  • Hibernian FC

    Hibernian FC
    Strength & Conditioning Coach / Assistant Coach - Women’s
    2010 – 2015

  • Scottish Football Association

    Scottish Football Association
    S&C Coach - Scotland Women’s U15s, U17s & U19s
    2009 – 2013

  • Malmö FF

    Malmö FF
    Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - Mens 1st Team (Coach Placement)
    2020 – Present

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