Lukasz Piworowicz

Sporting Director

  • Date Joined: 22nd August 2019
Successful sporting director, scout and football analyst. Hired by private owner of Polish 1. Liga (2nd tier) club - Raków Częstochowa in early 2018 to fulfill the club’s dream about the promotion to Ekstraklasa (1st tier). The two-year goal was achieved in the very first season when Piworowicz with the 3rd-5th highest budget in the league, had scouted, recommended and signed 10 new players for the team, which in effect dominated the league, run an incredible streak of 27 official games undefeated and reached Polish Cup semifinal.

Earlier on, in 2016-2017 after short period of time as scout and analyst, Piworowicz was appointed as Sporting Director for current Polish Champions – Piast Gliwice. Those days the club lied at the very bottom of the league table and faced financial issues due to overspending. Headhunting and signing eight new employees within the football department and coaching staff along with smart contractual decisions within the club, vastly helped the team to climb to the 10th position in the league and laid the foundations for the future club’s success.

On top of that, Piast with Piworowicz, sold five players for the first time in its history, cut costs on unnecessary ones and signed few cheap, unknown individuals, which generated more than 25% increase in yearly budget of the club. Among those anonymous Joel Valencia Castillo (from FC Koper for free) appeared in Gliwice. The same Valencia in 2018/2019 becomes Piast’s key player, leads his team to the shocking title and is being named as the Player of the Season in Poland. Later on he concludes fantastic year with appr. €2M move to Brentford.

Another youngster whose career was planned and jumpstarted during Piworowicz’s spell in Piast was Patryk Dziczek. He was offered 5-year contract and after the sale of Radosław Murawski to SC Palermo the club let Dziczek in directly from the 5th tier reserve team to Ekstraklasa’s starting eleven. In 2018/2019 young defensive midfielder proved to be good enough both for Ekstraklasa Winners and Polish U21 National Team which surprisingly was able to beat Belgium and Italy during last U21 European Championships. Soon after that he was sold to Lazio Rome for a fee of appr. €2M...

Immersed in football from early childhood Piworowicz never made it to the professional footballer status by himself, utilizing his passion for sport and unique analytical thinking skills to become four time Polish Sport Bridge Junior Champion and National Junior Team Member as well as Polish Curling Championships medalist both as player and coach instead. His unusual background may be complemented by General Motors Finance Department experience and real estate market analyst and investor independent roles. Nevertheless professional football was always the axis of Piworowicz’s life as he served as football referee, statistician, freelance scout, analyst and Head of Scouting since 2001. With the highest ethical standards, thorough education, broad experience, familiarity with state-of-the art quantitative analytic methods and easy to prove measurable successes within given resources, Łukasz is ready for a challenge at an international level.
Lukasz Piworowicz


  • : Double Pass Master Class

    Double Pass Master Class

  • : Sport Informatics and Analytics

    Sport Informatics and Analytics

  • : Talent in Sport - Identification and Development

    Talent in Sport - Identification and Development

  • LMA: Identifying Potential Talent

    Identifying Potential Talent

  • UEFA: B Licence

    B Licence

  • : Bachelor Degree in Sport Management

    Bachelor Degree in Sport Management

  • : Master of Finance and Investment

    Master of Finance and Investment

  • UEFA: C Licence

    C Licence

  • : Football Referee Certification

    Football Referee Certification

Career History

  • Rakow Czestochowa

    Rakow Czestochowa
    Sporting Director
    2018 – 2019

  • Rakow Czestochowa

    Rakow Czestochowa
    Head of Recruitment
    2018 – 2018

  • Piast Gliwice

    Piast Gliwice
    Sporting Director
    2017 – 2017

  • Piast Gliwice

    Piast Gliwice
    Scout, Analyst
    2016 – 2017

  • Rozwoj Katowice

    Rozwoj Katowice
    Head of Scouting
    2015 – 2016

  • Self Employed

    Self Employed
    Freelance Football Analyst and Scout
    2013 – 2015

  • Polish Football Association

    Polish Football Association
    Football Referee
    2001 – 2005

  • Self Employed

    Self Employed
    Football Statistician
    2002 – 2004

Key Achievements

  • As Sporting Director for Rakow Czestochowa - Polish Cup semi-finalist as the 2nd tier club (eliminating Legia Warsaw and Lech Poznan during the competition)
  • As Sporting Director for Rakow Czestochowa - winner of 1. Liga competition (2nd tier 2018/2019) - promotion to Ekstraklasa (top tier)
  • As Sporting Director for Piast Gliwice - helped the club to survive from a sporting perspective - from 16th to 10th position in Ekstraklasa (1st tier 2016/2017)
  • As Sporting Director for Piast Gliwice - helped the club to survive from a financial perspective - generated players’ sales profits two times bigger than the club’s profits from 10 previous transfer windows
  • As Sporting Director for Piast Gliwice - brought in Joel Valencia Castillo for free in 2017 - the Player of the Season Award in 2019 - sold to Brentford (Championship) for a fee of €2,000,000
  • As Sporting Director for Piast Gliwice - promoted Patryk Dziczek from reserve team, signed 5-year contract in 2017 - the Young Player of the Season Award in 2019 - Polish U21 National Team Starter, sold to Lazio Rome (Serie A) for a fee of €2,000,000
  • As Sporting Director for Piast Gliwice - very close to sign Greg Taylor from Kilmarnock in 2017 for much below €200,000 (transfer blocked by Piast executives) - the player sold in 2019 to Celtic Glasgow for €2,500,000 directly from Kilmarnock
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  • Nowy dyrektor sportowy - Lukasz Piworowicz [21-03-2017]


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