Media Consultant

  • Date Joined: 12th October 2016
I am an accomplished and experienced Marketing and Communications specialist. Since 1992 I have been actively involved with marketing, media and PR in various facets, including corporate, sport and broadcasting. I also have been on both sides of the media/PR spectrum representing clients as well as interviewing and consulting/advising clients, building my career within the:
• Tourism sector for 3 years,
• Corporate sector for 4 years,
• Broadcasting for 16 years (producing, editing, scripting and analysing),
• Media Consulting for 6 years (including media training) and
• As an independent consultant for 9 years

My skills include identifying, creating and maximising media opportunities and training spokespeople to interact effectively with the media.

I am adept at presenting, influencing and persuading through the communications campaigns I develop.

I am also experienced in managing a complex matrix of stakeholders including management, agencies, staff and suppliers. I have an innate ability to liaise, network and build relationships on all levels in the business environment.

My decision to consult has equipped me with entrepreneurial skills and the ability to manage media and marketing strategies from conceptualisation to implementation, monitoring and control. I am able to identify problem areas and minimise deviations from standards so that the stated objectives of the organisation are achieved in a desired manner. I am skilled at setting standards, measuring performance and taking corrective action.

Operating as an independent consultant has instilled in me a great sense of urgency and ability to prioritise. I possess the skills and techniques required to ensure timeous delivery of tasks, projects and goals. I would function equally well in a corporate environment.

I strive continually towards excellence, achieving sustainable results for the organisations I am employed by and for my profession.

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