Marcin Wodka


  • Date Joined: 1st August 2019
I preffer offensive and attractive style of play based on ball posession. Favourite formations: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-4-2 diamond. I am using balls as much as possible during my trainings. I am always focused on success and giving 100% my knowledge and passion for my team. I have great experience in work with senior and junior football ( both man and woman ).
I am always willing to learn new things and give my knowledge to the players. Therefore every year I am joining conferences for fooball coaches, or joining Top Class Clubs for interships in trainings and coaching process. I have wide football knowledge based on experiences from countries like Italy, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Portugal. Player development is very importatnt part of my football philosophy. I believe that most of the reserves in players are in their heads. That is why I put a lot of attension in decising making process.
Currently I am Staal Jorpeland A team coach (3rd div), Staal Jorpeland Player development coach ( U 10 – U 18 ) and Hjelmeland IL Academy coordinator.
Marcin Wodka


  • : -	Functional training 1 : plyometric training

    - Functional training 1 : plyometric training

  • SmartFootball: Level 1

    Level 1

  • UEFA: - UEFA A licence holder

    - UEFA A licence holder

  • UEFA: B Licence

    B Licence

  • : First Aid Qualification

    First Aid Qualification

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