Marek Kujach

Head Academy Goalkeeping

  • Date Joined: 10th June 2021
I am a polish-born goalkeeper who enjoyed a successful career in my homeland and also as a player and coach in the Netherlands. I am currently expanding my horizons by leading the team of goalkeeping coaches at Beijing Guoan, one of the biggest professional clubs in the Chinese Super League.

As a highly ambitious, driven and hard-working professional coach I have a clear vision of how to improve goalkeeping performances and the ability to deliver clear instructions and formulate innovative training sessions for all age groups.

I am a committed and reliable people-manager with my own well-structured plan for knowledge development of coaches and players. I am also a passionate lecturer with extensive and deep knowledge of topics relating to goalkeeper training.

As a forward-thinking professional I am always open to fresh ideas and I relish new challenges, as evidenced by my determination to succeed in the markedly different environments of Chinese, Polish and Dutch professional football.

I am a well-connected scout with good analytical and communication skills and I speak Polish, Dutch, English and Russian. I have established a host of contacts across Europe and now in Asia and I have a strong record of identifying and nurturing promising young talent as they attempt to establish a career in football.

Continuous Professional Development:

Additional Professional Development & Studies: Polish FA Workshops and Seminars: Wide range of coaching, analysis and tactical workshops, including ‘How to Scout a Keeper’ (2016), Motor Skills in Football (2016), Mental Aspects in Sport (2015), Video Analysis in Football (2015).

Dutch and International Workshops: Visited lot of European football clubs and followed a few internships.

Key Skills & Competencies:

Leadership: Experience of leading from the front, mentoring other coaches in the demanding environment of professional football and delivering high-quality coaching sessions and clinics for goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches.

Planning and Organisation: Clear and analytical thinker with a track record in devising and implementing structured coaching programmes, sessions and regimes designed to bring out the best in every player and deliver them to a high professional level.

Communication: Displays strong inter-personal skills, speaks four languages, and is confident and assured in communicating clear messages and conveying key information to other coaches and players, underlined by his appearance as speaker at a host of online conferences, including the 2021 International Goalkeeper Coaching Conference, staged by the Goalkeepers Academy.

Teamwork: Understands the value of working together to achieve a collective goal and has gained a wealth of experience from collaborating with specialists, including head coaches and performance analysts, in a long career in football.

Scouting and Analysis: Has worked with leading European clubs and has built up strong links and contacts in different European countries, particularly Holland and Poland, to identify future goalkeeping talent. Skilled in use of video analysis.

Personal Drive: Self-motivated coach who has thrown himself whole-heartedly into every challenge and who has shown courage and determination to break out of his comfort zone and advance his career by making a life-changing move to China.


" Marek is responsible for the development of all goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches at Beijing Guoan FC and is highly skilled at planning and structuring sessions, using video analysis. He is hard-working, knowledgeable and is an invaluable member of our staff.” - Patrick Ladru, Former Ajax Academy Academy Manager and current Head of Beijing Guoan Academy

Marek Kujach


  • Lecturer: Goalkeeping Workshops  (2016 - 2021)

    Goalkeeping Workshops (2016 - 2021)

  • BARCA Hub: FC Barcelona Innovation Hub: Technical Analysis

    BARCA Hub
    FC Barcelona Innovation Hub: Technical Analysis

  • Internships: International Football Clubs (2000 – 2020)

    International Football Clubs (2000 – 2020)

  • Workshops: Football Related Workshops (1994 – 2020)

    Football Related Workshops (1994 – 2020)

  • Instat : Video/Data Analysis & Scouting

    Video/Data Analysis & Scouting

  • AFC Ajax: Talent Identification Course

    AFC Ajax
    Talent Identification Course

  • ISSPF: Soccer Psychology & Mental Skills

    Soccer Psychology & Mental Skills

  • Hudl: Video Analysis

    Video Analysis

  • Wyscout   : Videos, Data, Statistics & Tools

    Videos, Data, Statistics & Tools

  • PZPN Polish FA: Scouting/Talent Recognizing

    PZPN Polish FA
    Scouting/Talent Recognizing

  • IPSO: Professional Football Scouting and Analysis

    Professional Football Scouting and Analysis

  • PZPN Polish FA: Football Analysis

    PZPN Polish FA
    Football Analysis

  • KNVB Academy Dutch FA: Frans Hoek Goalkeeper Course

    KNVB Academy Dutch FA
    Frans Hoek Goalkeeper Course

  • Platform Voetbal Scouting: Football Scouting PRO

    Platform Voetbal Scouting
    Football Scouting PRO

  • KNVB Academy Dutch FA: Goalkeeper Coach Level III

    KNVB Academy Dutch FA
    Goalkeeper Coach Level III

  • KNVB Academy Dutch FA: Goalkeeper Coach Level II

    KNVB Academy Dutch FA
    Goalkeeper Coach Level II

  • ECABO Leiden: VMBO/MAVO Managing Information Systems

    ECABO Leiden
    VMBO/MAVO Managing Information Systems

  • KNVB Academy Dutch FA: Goalkeeper Coach Level I

    KNVB Academy Dutch FA
    Goalkeeper Coach Level I

Career History

  • Beijing Guoan FC

    Beijing Guoan FC
    Youth Academy Director Goalkeeping
    2018 – Present

  • VVSB

    Assistant Coach/Goalkeeper Coach First Team
    2017 – 2018

  • PZPN

    International Scout
    2015 – 2018

  • AFC Ajax

    AFC Ajax
    International Scout/Goalkeeper Coach
    2014 – 2018

  • Ajax Coaching Academy

    Ajax Coaching Academy
    International Adviser
    2013 – 2018

  • FC Lisse

    FC Lisse
    Technical Coordinator Goalkeeping
    2010 – 2016

  • VVSB

    Technical Coordinator Goalkeeping
    2008 – 2010

  • FC Lisse

    FC Lisse
    Goalkeeper Coach
    2005 – 2008

  • FC Lisse

    FC Lisse
    2003 – 2007

  • VVSB

    Goalkeeper Coach Youth
    2002 – 2005

  • VVSB

    1999 – 2002

  • HSV Kranenburg

    HSV Kranenburg
    1998 – 1998

  • FC Lisse

    FC Lisse
    1993 – 1998

  • DIOS Nieuw Vennep

    DIOS Nieuw Vennep
    Goalkeeper/Goalkeeper Coach
    1990 – 1993

  • BKS Lechia Gdansk

    BKS Lechia Gdansk
    1986 – 1990

Key Achievements

  • Beijing Guoan FC: Devised, developed and implemented the club’s coaching philosophy and training programmes for goalkeepers, taking responsibility for teaching, guiding and monitoring the goalkeeping coaches at all age levels
  • Beijing Guoan FC: Produced ‘Our Way to Success’ book (published in English and Chinese), a wide-ranging and forward-thinking document aimed at developing goalkeepers and focussing on their role in the team
  • Beijing Guoan FC: Put in place a disciplined structure to ensure all coaches follow the same pathway to success and prepared, planned and implemented a new training regime to aid the development of coaches and playing staff
  • VVSB: Developed extensive video analysis programmes to focus on areas of improvement for first team players and led weekly analysis of opposition teams as part of the club’s pre-match preparations
  • Polish FA: Monitored the development of young Polish players playing for foreign clubs, providing them with support where required and assessing their potential to play for Polish national teams
  • AFC Ajax: Worked with the hugely-successful Ajax Coaching Academy, organising and delivering multiple goalkeeping clinics - both in the Netherlands and in Poland - and taking part in talent days and scouting events designed to identify future talent
  • Playing Career: Championship winner with with FC Lisse in 1997 and was first team goalkeeper in teams finishing 2nd in the league on three separate occasions, twice being voted as Player of the Year
  • Playing Career: Two-time Championship winner with DIOS Nieuw Vennep, twice named Haarlemmermeer best keeper, and voted club’s Player of the Year in 1992 and 1993
  • Playing Career: Made first team debut as a teenager for hometown club Lechia Gdansk after progressing from the club’s youth system and was selected for Poland’s National Youth team
  • Beijing Guoan FC: o Developed a goalkeeper training (year) plan based on a six-week cycle and 4 team functions.

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