Matteo Marotti

  • Date Joined: 25th April 2018
My name is Matteo Marotti, I’m Italian and I’m 35 years old.
I’m qualified Head football coach with UEFA B licence and I hold NSCAA Premier Diploma (American licence).
I coached in Italy with youth semi- pro Academies, every age and I coached in several American Academies (boys and girls).

I met many professional coaches and assistants in the world so I have a huge knowledge of football in every aspect and of the game.
My experience with many professional Academies in Italy and in U.S. gave me a personal philosphy to develop players, take care every details during training session and match games, make video and the creation of a professional and disciplined working environment.

With a strong proficiency in talent ID, scouting and strategy to develop players I provide my competence and experience to work with determination and passion.

Matteo Marotti


  • National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA): Premier Diploma

    National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)
    Premier Diploma

  • UEFA: B Licence

    B Licence

Key Achievements

  • ambitious
  • passionate
  • leader
  • workhaolic

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