Nia Davies

Academy Coach

  • Date Joined: 8th May 2019
Date of Birth: 13th February 1990

I would describe myself as an ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate person, with a strong work ethic, who is always keen and willing to learn and improve performance and develop knowledge from a coaching perspective, but also to gain general life experiences.

Currently, I work fulltime at Swansea City Football Club as an academy foundation phase coach in the youth system. I am currently within my fifth season as a full-time member of staff, where I have learnt many things whilst working in a category one academy within the Premier League youth structure and continue to develop and learn more within an elite environment.

By being the first female fulltime coach at Swansea City academy it has grown my confidence and resilience in a male dominating environment and I believe it shows my willingness to push myself outside my comfort zone and always look at way to progress and develop. I have been fortunate to gain further experience whilst being on the Elite Coaches Apprentice Scheme (ECAS) with the Premier League, which has helped me develop further and motivated myself to drive further as a coach and as a person. I believe this opportunity has help myself but also the players I work with and I want to achieve more in my career to help more players succeed to their maximum potential.

From previous experience and starting coaching and working from a young age with children of all ages has enabled myself to be aware of different situations and how to work in a professional but empathetic manner within the football industry and outside the environment. My knowledge and further education in sport and exercise science has help enhance my understanding of elite football and has been an advantage to develop further. To push myself even further I am currently studying my MSc in Advance Performance Football Coaching at University of South Wales to gain more valuable knowledge to enhance myself as a coach and to develop and help player further.
Nia Davies

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