nuno varandas

  • Date Joined: 24th November 2020
I am a coach with 7 years of experience in preparing and coordinating young football teams, I have developed leadership skills, motivation and responsibility
UEFA C LICENSE Level 1 – Portuguese - AF.PORTO
Introduction to Coaching (1.1) in Scottish FA
Youth & Adult Coaching Certificate (1.2) in Scottish FA
Youth & Adult Coaching Award (1.3) in Scottish FA
Physical Preparation (Youth/Adult) in Scottish FA
Children’s Wellbeing in Scottish Football
Mental Health in Scottish Football
Good ability to coordinate projects and manage human and material resources.
Ability to establish a good relationship with the work team, seeking to solve problems through dialogue.
Active participation in planning and organizing activities.
Good time management.
Good leadership skills.
Easy to find creative and innovative solutions and implement new methods in order to obtain greater profitability, efficiency and effectiveness.
nuno varandas


  • : UEFA C

    UEFA C

  • SFA: 1.3 Coaching in the Game

    1.3 Coaching in the Game

  • SFA: 1.2 Coaching Footballers 13+

    1.2 Coaching Footballers 13+

  • SFA: Children’s Wellbeing in Scottish Footbal

    Children’s Wellbeing in Scottish Footbal

  • SFA: C Licence

    C Licence

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