Oliver Holt

Fast Data Analyst

  • Date Joined: 4th March 2020
A recent graduate in MSc Exercise Physiology and BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, with a strong aspiration to provide sport science support to professional athletes. Extensive practical skills required for data collection and performance monitoring within both a laboratory and field setting and currently seeking all opportunities to further these attributes and others to become a well-rounded sport science practitioner. Sporting performance is the passion and I am driven to mould the athletes of tomorrow. With this drive, I am currently undertaking all CPD opportunities that will progress me to achieve this goal, ranging from further self-learning around the mechanisms of physiology using a number of resources such as podcasts and textbooks, to courses aimed at data analysis techniques and all relevant learnings in-between.

Designed and conducted a study looking at the use of caffeinated gum as a half-time strategy in football players by using a simulated match protocol consisting of:

- Loughborough intermittent shuttle test
- Countermovement jump (Optojump)
- Loughborough soccer passing test
- Blood lactate analysis

These tests were repeated across 6 blocks for 90 minutes, with a 15-minute break half-way through where either the caffeine gum or placebo was administered.

***(See gallery for more detail + figures)***

I have a proven record of success for improving performance within my current role as a Multi-Sports Fast Data Analyst that I have done alongside studying my MSc and since graduating. Within this role, we capture live sporting data and is therefore a very pressurised and fast-moving environment. I started my own project from my own initiative and this has allowed me to develop my leadership qualities. This started small by me trialling an additional live QA system myself that could be completed alongside our current duties, which was then expanded by having a small team of our top analysts to assist in the process. I would then provide regular reports to this team outlining the performance and impact they had. The result of this project was a significant improvement in our KPI figures for the year this project has been running, which was the key goal as it had been highlighted prior to this intervention that as a team we were not performing as well as our colleagues in Portugal. We would go on to outperform these colleagues the majority of months this next year. It also created an additional live training, crucial for new employees and therefore presented an improvement in efficiency and integration.
Oliver Holt


  • : MSc Sport Science (Exercise Physiology)

    MSc Sport Science (Exercise Physiology)

  • : BSc Sport Sciences

    BSc Sport Sciences

Career History

  • Stats Perform

    Stats Perform
    Football Scout
    2020 – Present

  • Stats Perform

    Stats Perform
    Fast Data Analyst
    2016 – Present

Key Achievements

  • Significant improvement in KPI’s from my own project as a Fast Data Analyst
  • Designed and conducted a study to investigate the use of caffeine gum as a half-time strategy in football players
  • Designed and conducted a study to investigate the use of beetroot supplementation on endurance performance

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