Oliver Holt

Head of Performance Analysis

  • Date Joined: 4th March 2020
Head of Performance Analysis at Greater Manchester FC and Shrewsbury Town FC Intern. Experienced at breaking down sports performance during and out of competition. Innovative at creating performance testing that targets the demands and physiological requirements for performance to create player profiles and monitor athletes and their progression.

Use of evidence-based research as a sport scientist to design and implement strength and conditioning for athletes. Strategist for developing competition protocols that will enhance performance to achieve the greatest chance of success.

Continually progressing through CPD to constantly develop as a sport scientist with the aim of helping the best athletes achieve their potential.
Oliver Holt


  • : MSc Sport Science (Exercise Physiology)

    MSc Sport Science (Exercise Physiology)

  • : BSc Sport Sciences

    BSc Sport Sciences

  • The Football Association: FA Level 1 Coaching

    The Football Association
    FA Level 1 Coaching

Career History

  • Stats Perform

    Stats Perform
    Football Scout
    2020 – Present

  • Greater Manchester Football Club

    Greater Manchester Football Club
    Head of Performance Analysis
    2020 – Present

  • Shrewsbury Town FC

    Shrewsbury Town FC
    Performance Analysis Intern
    2020 – Present

  • Stats Perform

    Stats Perform
    Fast Data Analyst
    2016 – Present

Key Achievements

  • Significant improvement in KPI’s from my own project as a Fast Data Analyst
  • Designed and conducted a study to investigate the use of caffeine gum as a half-time strategy in football players
  • Designed and conducted a study to investigate the use of beetroot supplementation on endurance performance

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