Orlando Hadzic

Head ci

  • Date Joined: 3rd February 2018
Performance-driven professional, offering extensive experience in motivating, mentoring, and leading students to become certified athletes/competitors for national and international tournaments.
Proven record of success in planning, organizing, and implementing comprehensive game programs, tournaments, sports events, and recreation activities on broad level. Instrumental in coordinating with physicians and therapists to maintain the fitness level of athletes and to prevent athletic injuries. Accelerated career track in providing high-energy training by using advanced coaching techniques and procedures to deliver excellent performance results.
Highlights of Expertise
• Performance Improvement & Evaluation
• Athletic Development Programme
• Strategic Planning & Execution
• Exercise &injury Management
• Team Building & Leadership
• Therapeutic Intervention & Rehabilitation
• Coaching Procedures/Techniques
• Health & Safety Rules/Regulation
• Sports Psychology/Counselling
• Relationship Establishment
Orlando Hadzic


  • : Pro license gained through AFA/ATFA

    Pro license gained through AFA/ATFA

Key Achievements

  • In less than one year, i have succeeded to move my team to the sixt ranked in state of illinois in their age group, won state champion with girls team

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