Pedro valdemar Ramos afonso

head coach

  • Date Joined: 18th September 2019

hello let me introduce ourselves.
We are a coaching team made up of Valdemar Afonso and Pedro Ramos, head coach and assistant coach and we are looking for a club with a good project please contact us if you interested on our services.
Here we leave letter with attachment of cv at the bottom of the page.



Head Coach:Valdemar Afonso


Assistant Coach:Pedro Ramos


I have several years of experience working as a football coach. I began my career teaching youth teams.

After move on senior teams trough portugal and africa to english football .

Also I have my assistant coach was my player and now works with me as assistant .I have a long history of wins and I am now ready to advance my career by securing the position of head coach of your football team.

I have extensive knowledge of the technical side of football, plays and sports psychology. I have the ability to recruit new players, I have the experience needed to plan and implement training programs, organize practice, call plays and to give the team pre-game and halftime motivational speeches.

I have the skills to assign the players to the positions where they will be the most effective and to review the films to look for ways to improve the game.My assistant coach will assist with excellent communication skills with the ability to convey information to the players effectively and I have very strong public speaking skills. I can help guide and encourage players to pursue a career as a professional player and I also maintain high academic standards for the players at all times.

I have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to delegate and find new innovative ways to help the players work together as a team. I also have complete knowledge of the rules and regulations associated with football.

Please call 07872182456/07535439864 or 07990549746 for an interview.



Valdemar Afonso

Pedro Ramos

Encl: cv

Pedro valdemar Ramos  afonso


  • : LMA Creating a Culture Of Excellence

    LMA Creating a Culture Of Excellence

  • : License Uefa Pro

    License Uefa Pro

Career History

  • Gudja United

    Gudja United
    2017 – 2018

  • Top Level Academy

    Top Level Academy
    2017 – 2017

  • AC London

    AC London
    2013 – 2014

  • Futebol Clube Mae Dagua

    Futebol Clube Mae Dagua
    2008 – 2012

  • Club Santacruzense London

    Club Santacruzense London
    2003 – 2004

  • Brazilian Futebol Club

    Brazilian Futebol Club
    2000 – 2002

  • Futebol Clube Mavegro

    Futebol Clube Mavegro
    1993 – 1996

  • Grupo Desportivo Braganca

    Grupo Desportivo Braganca
    1992 – 1993

  • Sport Cabinda e Benfica

    Sport Cabinda e Benfica
    1991 – 1992

  • Grupo Desportivo Valpacos

    Grupo Desportivo Valpacos
    1990 – 1991

  • Sport Clube Valenciano

    Sport Clube Valenciano
    1988 – 1989

  • Futebol Clube Vinhais

    Futebol Clube Vinhais
    1987 – 1988

  • Clube Atletico Macedo Cavaleiros

    Clube Atletico Macedo Cavaleiros
    1986 – 1987

  • Grupo Desportivo Braganca

    Grupo Desportivo Braganca
    1982 – 1985

Key Achievements

  • Promotion from 3 division to 2 division 1986/87
  • Promotion from 3 division to 2 division 1990/91
  • 2 place 1 division 1994/95
  • Gudja United Champions 2 division of Malta 2017/18

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