Peter Rowe

Diversely Experienced Sports Executive

  • Date Joined: 14th March 2018
A forward-thinking senior executive who offers a diverse portfolio of experience and achievements within the sports industry in the UK and Australia, providing leadership at an operational, strategic and board level to deliver creative solutions to both professional clubs and governing bodies in pursuit of excellence and sustainability in all business areas.

Brings a wealth of business acumen, commercial expertise and a successful background in media, marketing and communication strategy to the fore, alongside offering up sound decision-making, a meticulous attention to detail under pressure and the capacity to forge a shared vision amongst all stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise:

Sports Management
Executive Level Management
Strategic Business Planning
Commercial & Operational Control
Staff Management & Development
Media & Marketing Strategy
Communications & Journalism
Peter Rowe

Career History

  • Rockingham Sharks Rugby League Club

    Rockingham Sharks Rugby League Club
    2017 – 2018

  • Mandurah City FC

    Mandurah City FC
    President (Chairman)
    2013 – 2015

  • Football West

    Football West
    2011 – 2013

  • PR Sports Strategy, Media & Press

    PR Sports Strategy, Media & Press
    Chief Executive/Director
    2010 – Present

  • Northern NSW Football

    Northern NSW Football
    2009 – 2011

  • Swindon Town FC

    Swindon Town FC
    Chief Executive
    2000 – 2002

  • English Football League

    English Football League
    Director Of Communications
    1998 – 1999

  • Rugby Football League

    Rugby Football League
    Public Relations & Media Manager
    1997 – 1998

Key Achievements

  • An experienced journalist and editor in the UK and Australia working for such publications as the Daily Star/Sunday Express, Daily Telegraph and The West Australian.
  • Worked with the Marketing Director on the following Rugby League projects and events: Test Series between GB, Australia and New Zealand, Challenge Cup Finals at Wembley Stadium, Home International Series and the Super League
  • Managed and directed the entire internal and external communication function for the English Football League and its 72 member clubs, including developing and implementing strategic planning, government relations, and public and media relations
  • Oversaw a workforce of 75 staff, 30 professional players, a youth structure & a 15,500-capacity stadium that operated seven days and incorporated five bars, a restaurant, ticketing office, conference/business centre & merchandise shop at Swindon Town.
  • Provided leadership and direction to manage 32 clubs in NSW alongside a commercial strategy that led to $500K+ in sponsorships for the game
  • Developed various areas of the club at Mandurah City, including building a new website, and securing new apparel suppliers and $350K in state funding
  • Oversaw the sound operational and financial management of RSRLC - the biggest club in WA - in meeting its objectives
  • As a media and marketing director and consultant at RSRLC, refreshed and enhanced the club’s entire online multi-platform presence by designing and building a new website, online store, Sharks TV YouTube channel and social media channels

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