Roshni Bhatt

Logistics Manager

  • Date Joined: 1st October 2020
My passion for sports data paired with the experience of having worked with both youth players and professionals of both genders for over a couple of years has led me to gain knowledge in more than just coaching but also in the fitness, mental, and tactical analysis aspects of the game in order to create all rounded players who can perform at an optimal level at all times.

This zeal for excellence comes from my personal challenges of wanting to be a player of optimal performance whilst not having the qualified personnel to guide me in understanding my strengths and weaknesses and assist in reflecting back on every performance, therefore, providing my services to enable each player to perform at their best is not only a task but considered a personal achievement.
Roshni Bhatt

Career History

  • kenya football federation

    kenya football federation
    Performance Analyst
    2018 – Present

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