Ross Fawcett

Director of Coaching, Rangers FC, Shanghai

  • Date Joined: 14th December 2017
Scottish 29,
Uefa B licence, Children’s award and Goalkeeper C licence.

I have dedicated my career to managing the coaching, performance and development of footballers at a grassroots, school and academy level, working across the globe in countries such as the UK, Austria and China, to have a tangible impact on the personal and professional success of individual players. Working with the likes of Susa Vienna FC, Vienna Internationals FC, Vienna International School and most recently Club Football China, I have coached a variety of age groups up to senior first team level and have developed the capacity to adapt my approach to meet their varying needs.
Ross Fawcett


  • : Goalkeeper C licence

    Goalkeeper C licence

  • UEFA: B Licence

    B Licence

  • SFA: C Licence

    C Licence

Key Achievements

  • One of my key achievements is taking a U16 boys team past the group stages unbeaten in the Gothia Cup

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