Sanjoy kumar Dey

Head coach in University of Kalyani,India

  • Date Joined: 30th August 2016
I really believe in the value of teamwork and believe strongly in working with other people towards a common goal and I know the skills that I bring not only as an coach ,but as a team member will not only bring me work satisfaction, but will make me a valuable teammate as well.
I have selected, mentored, coached, and directed the football team at University of Kalyani, as the Head Coach; qualifying for the All india tournament for three seasons in a row.
• Coached student athletes on the fundamentals, schemes, and individual techniques in alignment with their own mental and physical development levels while implementing and leading weekly practices.
• Performed match analysis; planned upcoming game plays based on opponent analysis.
• Developed and introduced strategies to stimulate character development of athletes while mentoring them to grow and build fortitude and strong relationships with one another.
• Organized and supervised practices, team meetings, scheduled games, tournaments, .
• Communicated effectively with students, teachers, parents, and peers to ensure each student’s needs are met and identify ways to improve their communication, coordination, and life skills.
• Demonstrated a sharp ability to teach the techniques and rules of the game while elevating each player’s knowledge and skills in the sport of football.
• Formulated the curriculam for Rainbow athletic club in alignment with national curriculam as Head of the youth developement .
Also the knowledge of allied science like exercise physiology,trainingmethodology,biomechanics,sports psychology, sports medicine etc really places me in a relatively stronger position to deal with the football problem .
Sanjoy kumar Dey


  • AFC: A Licence

    A Licence

  • AFC: B Licence

    B Licence

  • : Diploma in sports coaching

    Diploma in sports coaching

  • : master of physical education

    master of physical education

Career History

  • University of Kalyani,India

    University of Kalyani,India
    Football Coach
    2011 – Present


    Lecturer in physical education
    2009 – 2010

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