Sebastien Neumann

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As far as my experience, education, and football background goes, I think you can get a more detailed idea from my CV, but I would like to touch on a few main points to show how this has shaped the personal philosophy that I hold today and the type of coach I have become.

First point: Diversity
I have trained with a few high level teams and played in many different cultures. In doing so, I have gained knowledge of varying styles and training methods from European, Asian, and African coaches. From this experience, I have learned that there is not a set “right way” to coaching that is packaged in a one-size-fits-all box. I take the best from each footballing culture, e.g. the highly tactical and technical approach of German training, the fitness approach of the Koreans, the skills focus of Egyptian players, and apply it to whatever team I am coaching. I also believe in looking at each team as a whole organism and using these training methods to strengthen the weak areas and focus on what would make the team most successful.

Second point: The Mental Game
I have recently obtained a certificate in sports psychology. This has allowed me to educate myself and build on my belief that the mental game is the biggest challenge. Although technique and physical ability are very important, I feel that a well-rounded athlete must start with a firm mental foundation. I use the training sessions and exercises to hone in on developing such mental aspects as concentration, creativity, reaction time, sports IQ, reading the game, and aggression. My goal is to develop the athlete as a whole person versus robotic players that just go through the motions and only follow specific instruction.

Third point: The Business Side
I graduated university with a Business Marketing degree and put it to use by establishing my own football club. Although miniscule and amateur in comparison to your institution, the experience has allowed me to gain a very different perspective and respect for all niches within a club/program. Since my club is a youth academy, I am accustomed to balancing the needs of the children, the parents, as well as the needs of the club on the whole. I fully understand that limitations may come about whether it be stemmed from governing regulations, financial obstacles, or not coinciding with the philosophies of the authoritarian body. At the end of the day, it is a business.

Final point: Interpersonal Skills
I am very fortunate in my life to have exposure to so many different cultures starting with my own family. My father is German and my mother is French. From a very young age, my father’s business took us abroad where I spent my life growing up in various parts of Asia and Africa. Along with these cultures, I attended international schools for all of my secondary education where English became my predominant language along with French, basic German, and basic Korean and Arabic. This language ability gives me a greater advantage from the basic foundation of communication. These experiences have allowed me to become sensitive to a diverse group of people, different countries and cultures, and made me gain the ability to respect and adapt to any environment. With football being such an international sport and business that it is, I find that my upbringing has helped me tremendously in coaching my players and knowing what may be the best approach to connect with them on an interpersonal level.

I take a very holistic approach to football and coaching as if it were a living organism with its many layers, facets and characteristics. I feel that if we treat it as such, it can be ever changing and organically evolve into a stronger, fitter team. I keep myself open to new ideas and approaches to training and playing and have a true, genuine passion for football as a sport, a culture, and a way of life.
Sebastien Neumann


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