Simon Motyka

Youth development coach

  • Date Joined: 30th August 2016
I was late in starting my coaching journey in England at the age of 33 yrs old, I had worked various full time jobs since i was 16yrs old, I have played football across all different levels, school , grassroots , county, pro youth player, non league football.

I began volunteering at local junior clubs around me, from there I was lucky enough to then progress to work in a professional environment, then at 35yrs of age after volunteering and taking my coaching qualifications and gaining as much coaching experience as i could i was off on my first adventure to coach full time abroad, I took the decision to relocate abroad due to an opportunity to continue my coaching development and experience coaching in a full time environment, in taking this step I’ve been learning and growing as a football coach and have gained valuable full time experience.

I am a very determined, trust worthy person, who is always looking to increase my coaching knowledge and strive to learn new ideas so I can pass this knowledge and experience onto the players, to not only try and help them with their footballing education but also to help the person as well as the player.

As a coach I believe its our responsibility to continue to learn and gather new ideas so we can give the best knowledge and advice to the players we come in contact with.
It’s been a great coaching journey so far working abroad across different countries it’s been filled with different challenges whether that be in the coaching profession itself or personally whilst working abroad alone it can be challenging in different ways but at the same time massively rewarding and I would say it’s definitely been one of best decisions to work overseas.

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Simon Motyka


  • The Football Association: Safeguarding Children

    The Football Association
    Safeguarding Children

  • The Football Association: Basic First Aid for Sport

    The Football Association
    Basic First Aid for Sport

  • The Football Association: Level 1 Psychology

    The Football Association
    Level 1 Psychology

  • The Football Association: Youth Module 2

    The Football Association
    Youth Module 2

  • The Football Association: Futsal Level 1

    The Football Association
    Futsal Level 1

  • The Football Association: Youth Module 1

    The Football Association
    Youth Module 1

  • The Football Association: Level 2 Coaching Award

    The Football Association
    Level 2 Coaching Award

  • The Football Association: Level 1 Coaching Award

    The Football Association
    Level 1 Coaching Award

Career History

  • PSA Celtic FC

    PSA Celtic FC
    Youth coach / Academy manager
    2017 – 2019

  • The Goal Academy

    The Goal Academy
    2015 – 2016

  • Rotherham United FC

    Rotherham United FC
    Pre Academy coach
    2014 – 2015

  • FC Kuala Lumpur

    FC Kuala Lumpur
    Youth development coach
    2019 – Present

Key Achievements

  • Appointed Head Coach for the Goal Academy in Malaysia August 2016
  • Appointed as Football coach at the Goal Academy in Malaysia 2015
  • Appointed as Pre Academy Coach Rotherham United 2014-2015
  • To move abroad to widen my coaching knowledge and experience - 2015
  • Appointed Academy Manager PSA Celtic FC , Kuwait 2018-2019
  • Appointed youth development coach FC KUALA Lumpur 2019-present
  • The Soccer60 Podcast || Episode 05 || Following your passion into coaching with Simon Motyka

    Little League Soccer Malaysia

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