Sinisa Cohadzic Siki

Technical Director

  • Date Joined: 7th August 2020
Over 20 years’ experience planning and overseeing training sessions to develop individual tactical and technical skills and improve team organisation and performance. Offering professionalism, comprehensive background and knowledge in advance coaching approach to the game
 Team management: coordinating management of team to improve individual and team performance by allocating resources accordingly.
 Man Management: steering man management through knowledge and development to increase productivity, and individual motivation, and teamwork.
 Communication: initiating clear and concise communication amongst team and staff members to enhance engagement and increase productivity and creativity levels.
 Session Planning: heading designing and planning of training sessions to assess individual and team progress and explore areas of improvement.
 Video Analysis: organising video analysis sessions to go over team’s previous games and to analyse upcoming game’s opponents.
 Relationship Management: fostering and nurturing solid relationships with team and staff members and relevant stakeholders.

Present - Technical Director of Oceania Club of the Century South Melbourne FC
Sinisa Cohadzic Siki


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Career History

  • South Melbourne FC

    South Melbourne FC
    Technical Director
    2019 – Present

Key Achievements

  • Finals football
  • player development
  • Club Blueprint design
  • South Melbourne Technical Director Sinisa Cohadzic shares his footballing journey with Sasha Pete

    Sasha Pete

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