Tom Schreurs

Head of Marketing

  • Date Joined: 2nd July 2018
My name is Tom Schreurs, I’m a marketing & communication professional with a strong conceptual, creative, analytical, tech savvy and digital mind. I have a proven track record in achieving commercial results in challenging circumstances. As a Head of Marketing I’ve developed leadership skills and specialized myself in highly personalized and award-winning digital marketing. From a visionary point of view I love to implement innovative ideas in result- and data driven marketing campaigns to realize business goals.

With 10 years of experience in a very dynamic environment at FC Twente I’m used to work under high pressure and manage stressful situations. I’ve created strategies, campaigns and content for more then 15 years on every (digital) platform imaginable. From strategic and conceptual plans to tactical and operational execution on end-to-end marketing projects for partners in several industries.

At FC Twente I’ve built and managed a new marketing team that is ready for the digital age and was responsible for budgets till 500K. Some of my key results are doubling matchday ticket sales and 10% growth in season tickets. This was realized with the use of an integrated digital landscape that we’ve created with websites, e-commerce systems, apps, social media and a CRM database at the heart. The project is internationally recognized as progressive in sports marketing and i’ve been invited to present our work at several marketing related conferences across Europe.

Now, I’m ready to move on.

I believe my passion for digital marketing and result driven and conceptual approach can benefit every organisation. I would love to work with people that have high the same high ambitions just as me and believe they can positively change the world we live in.
Tom Schreurs

Career History

  • FC Twente

    FC Twente
    Marketing & communication executive
    2008 – 2016

Key Achievements

  • Doubling matchday ticket sales in 3 years
  • 15% more season ticket sales
  • Managed a team of 3 co-workers and 3 interns
  • Succesfull implementation innovative sponsorship models
  • Succesfull implementation digital landscape with websites, e-commerce, social media and CRM

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