Trevor Peterson

  • Date Joined: 18th May 2021
I am an ambitious and driven FA qualified coach whose blossoming career as a player was cut short by serious knee injuries and I am now committed to helping develop the next generation of young players through an innovative coaching methodology utilising the latest scientific, analytical, technological and psychological advances in sport.

As an enthusiastic, determined and hard-working coach I thrive in a coaching environment. I have gained invaluable experience in both the United States and in the UK, and I understand the importance of core values like commitment, teamwork, organization, communication and time-management.

I am a highly-motivated, forward-thinking and willing ‘team player’ and I speak three languages. I am always keen to learn from others to advance my coaching expertise while putting my own unique stamp on coaching sessions, and I have enjoyed considerable success in helping grassroots players improve their performance levels.

As a personable and popular self-starter with a professional outlook and solid work ethic I am meticulous in delivering age-appropriate training sessions. I specialize in building psychological profiles from behaviour and body language analysis, and I take great pride in seeing young people progressing to the next stage of their development.

I am an excellent communicator with the ability to motivate and organize teams, I always display strong leadership and mentoring skills, have a clear vision of how I want teams to grow and develop, and I am able to pass on technical instructions clearly and concisely.

Coaching Philosophy:

“I believe that soccer can play a major part in the development of young people’s life skills, as well as providing an opportunity to experience the thrills, joys and health benefits that sport can bring. I am passionate about coaching youth soccer; I am a motivator and I love to inspire young players to be the best they can be, not only on the pitch but in life. My coaching methods and techniques may be unconventional but by focussing on psychological care and awareness, allied to an analytical approach and an in-depth knowledge of tactics, I believe I create an environment in which young people can flourish, thrive and grow. Knowing that my input and leadership can have a lasting impact on the lives of others is the driving force behind my coaching philosophy. I firmly believe that football is the most powerful force for good in the world and can unite people regardless of their background, religion, skin colour or culture.”


“Passionate coach is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Trevor. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for some time during which I had the pleasure of being his FA mentor. Above all, I was impressed with Trevor’s ability to support his players to maintain their concentration and their composure under pressure.” - Pam Chandler: Affiliate Tutor at the Football Association

“Trevor is an excellent, well-trained, highly-motivated and thorough coach and manager. He is well equipped to manage large and intimate groups in the world of soccer. I highly recommend Trevor to work alongside or manage any organization or company. His level of expertise and bright personality would add value to any company.” - Sunne Clarke: PE Teacher/Coach, Oakland, California

“I was lucky enough to meet Trevor some years ago while I was living in New York. I could tell from the very beginning he was very bright and had a special way to see things through. Empathic, kind, diligent, passionate and genuine are some of the words I would use to describe him. Even though he is just starting his career, I am sure he is going to succeed and accomplish his goals.” - Mireya Diaz: Adidas recruiter, Spain

“I first met Trevor many years ago while playing within the New York Red Bull Regional Development Schools (RDS). Ten years later, I would rate Trevor’s performance and coaching abilities as excellent, Trevor shows immense working efficiency and has the ability to combine methods and ideas from different disciplines.” - Gareth Owen: Ex-Footballer and International Coach Chelsea FC

Key Skills & Competencies:

Self-motivation: A self-starter who brings energy, dedication and commitment to each role and whose enthusiastic personality and caring nature helps generate a positive response from all those around him.

Communication: Confident communicator with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to pass on instructions clearly and concisely; has established a proven track record in motivating young people and developing their skills.

Teamwork: Possesses a clear understanding of the role of individuals within a team framework, is quick to learn new skills and adapt to new environments, and works well with others to achieve a collective goal.

Leadership: Keeps a calm and clear head when under pressure, provides a role model for others through leading by example, and demonstrates an approach that encompasses his own values of self-discipline, hard work, passion and honesty.

Software expertise: Skilled at learning and adapting to new computer systems, with solid experience in using analytical software and other technological tools to improve individual and team performances.

Planning and Organisation: Demonstrates ability to multi-task and maintain a clear focus, embraces new techniques and innovations and is meticulous in planning and delivering age-appropriate coaching sessions.

Enthusiasm: Brings energy and drive to each training drill, has a clear football ideology and enthusiastically imparts this to players, both in group sessions and individual one-to-one sessions.

Perseverance: Meets challenges head-on and is tenacious in seeing them through to completion. Always willing to take on extra responsibilities when required and to work as a key part of a team.

Talent identification: Adept at recognising potential in the current and next generation of talent, identifying the specific skills required for players in different positions and prioritising technique and game intelligence.

Grassroots Experience:

First young player from the USA to win a place at the Bobby Charlton Academy in England, and as a 10-year-old was one of the first American players to play at the Beckham Academy in London.

Trained under the legendary Manchester United youth coach Eric Harrison, the coach responsible for developing a host of leading English players for Sir Alex Ferguson, including David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville.

Featured in Bobby Charlton Academy football camps in the UK and Malta, and took part in the Shrewsbury International Youth tournament with New York Football Club.

Trained at the Liverpool FC Youth Academy and at Rapid Vienna Academy in Austria, as well as gaining experience with a number of youth academies in the United States, including New Jersey/Clifton Stallions, Monroe Township Soccer Club, Arsenal SC, New York FC, Asphalt Green SC, New York Red Bulls (RDS) and Vermont Academy (NEPSC Lakes Class A/B).

Was part of the Pasco Stallions Under-11 team who became the first American team to play against the youth side of Spanish champions Real Madrid in 2007/2008.

Was a mainstay of successful teams at Vermont High School and Berkeley College, New York, until torn knee ligaments hampered playing career.
Trevor Peterson


  • Southern New Hampshire University: BA Social Psychology

    Southern New Hampshire University
    BA Social Psychology

  • Professional Football Scouts Association: Talent Identification in Football (Level 1)

    Professional Football Scouts Association
    Talent Identification in Football (Level 1)

  • Professional Football Scouts Association: Performance Analysis in Football (Level 1)

    Professional Football Scouts Association
    Performance Analysis in Football (Level 1)

  • Professional Football Scouts Association: Opposition Analysis in Football (Level 1)

    Professional Football Scouts Association
    Opposition Analysis in Football (Level 1)

  • US Soccer: Goalkeeping Level One

    US Soccer
    Goalkeeping Level One

  • US Soccer: Futsal Level One

    US Soccer
    Futsal Level One

  • US Soccer: Key Moments in the Game

    US Soccer
    Key Moments in the Game

  • US Soccer: Foundation of Coaching (USA)

    US Soccer
    Foundation of Coaching (USA)

  • US Soccer: LGBT: Diversity & Inclusion

    US Soccer
    LGBT: Diversity & Inclusion

  • US Soccer: Attacking Principles of Play

    US Soccer
    Attacking Principles of Play

  • US Soccer: Defending Principles of Play

    US Soccer
    Defending Principles of Play

  • US Soccer: Small-sided Games

    US Soccer
    Small-sided Games

  • US Soccer: Get aHEAD Safely in Soccer

    US Soccer
    Get aHEAD Safely in Soccer

  • US Soccer: E License

    US Soccer
    E License

  • The Football Association: Safeguarding Children

    The Football Association
    Safeguarding Children

  • The Football Association: FA Level 2 Coaching

    The Football Association
    FA Level 2 Coaching

  • The Football Association: FA Level 1 Coaching

    The Football Association
    FA Level 1 Coaching

  • Vermont Academy, VT: High School Diploma (GED)

    Vermont Academy, VT
    High School Diploma (GED)

Career History

  • New York Red Bulls

    New York Red Bulls
    Youth Development Coach
    2020 – Present

  • Woodingdean Wanderers  FC

    Woodingdean Wanderers FC
    Head Coach
    2019 – 2020

  • Eastbourne Borough FC

    Eastbourne Borough FC
    Volunteer Coach
    2019 – 2019

  • Asphalt Green FC

    Asphalt Green FC
    Youth Development Coach
    2018 – 2019

  • Self Employed

    Self Employed
    Private Football Trainer
    2015 – 2020

Key Achievements

  • New York Red Bulls: Designing and implementing innovative and age-appropriate sessions which meet the technical and tactical development requirements of the Red Bull Academy
  • New York Red Bulls: Delivering training sessions in conjunction with other coaching staff in line with the club’s philosophy and ethos
  • New York Red Bulls: Planning, preparing and delivering structured coaching sessions tailored to individual players development goals
  • New York Red Bulls: Leading tactical analysis sessions with individual players and the collective group, and contributing to player recruitment and talent identification
  • Woodingdean Wanderers FC: Made tangible contributions to all match day preparations, including team selection, game analysis and tactical decision-making before and during matches
  • Woodingdean Wanderers FC: Established a positive mindset among the group, building a clear ethos of professionalism, competitiveness and mental strength within the dressing room
  • Woodingdean Wanderers FC: During the first Covid lockdown, struck a unique sponsorship deal with a bagel shop in New York City to provide kits for the club’s teams up to U-18 level, helping secure the financial future of the club in challenging economic
  • Eastbourne Borough FC: Worked tirelessly as a volunteer coach with the English club while completing FA Level 1 coaching badge
  • Eastbourne Borough FC: Played a key role in the introduction of the ‘wildcat girls football mission’ on the south coast of England, and took a lead coaching role with some of the club’s girls youth teams
  • Asphalt Green FC, NYC: Helped develop a passion for football within the various youth groups by creating bespoke programs for groups and individuals which were tailored towards their development needs
  • Self-employed: Specialised in one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions, delivering structured and tailored programs promoting fitness, physical capability and well-being
  • New York Red Bulls: Monitoring, managing and driving the performance and development of clubs’ youth squads and proactively supporting young players on their development pathway to facilitate their progression into higher age groups

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