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Broadcast your vacancy to the biggest professional network in sport with Sport Careers Agency. We offer an unrivalled variety of advertising and recruitment solutions, starting with free postings on our global sports job board. Whatever your recruitment needs and budgets, we can offer a package which meets your requirements.

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Why choose Sport Careers Agency:

  • Unrivalled network of candidates totalling over 200,000 on our website and professional networking groups.
  • Expert recruitment team with experience in successfully filling vacancies with world renowned clubs and organisations.
  • Worldwide social media presence across LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Specialist LinkedIn groups including general sport (56,000 members), football (35,000 members), Sport Science (21,500 members).
  • Bespoke advertising and recruiting solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

Recruitment Packages

  • Job Advert
    One-Off Payment

    • 30-day exclusive job listing
    • Post viewable by all Sport Careers Agency members
    • All jobs sent to our network across the globe
  • Job Advert & Social Media Promotion
    One-Off Payment

    • 30 day job posting
    • Featured on our global job board (access / reach to 25,000+ site members)
    • Sustained promotion on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
    • Direct email alerts to all relevant candidates
  • CV Filtering
    One-Off Payment

    • Sport Careers Agency will filter through all job applications
    • We will ask any relevant screening questions
    • All suitable candidates will then be passed on for your recruitment process
    • £50 per candidate passed on
  • Candidate Placement
    One-Off Payment

    • Sustained advertising campaign on our website and social media platforms
    • We will handle all applications and filter through candidates
    • We will actively headhunt potential candidates who will be pre- interviewed
    • All suitably vetted candidates will be passed on for further interviews
    • £499 per candidate

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